Adventure Namibia

Adventure Namibia with Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Adventure Namibia… adventure, because we will venture into Namibia. Within a small group, visiting a variety of landscape gems will make any ambitious photographers drool. Every excited nature photographers love this amazing natural paradise. However, this tour is open to photographers and non-photographers alike. A maximum of 6 participants will join the two Africa-experienced tour leaders. Nature photographer Anette Mossbacher and Christa Niederer, who – together – are a treasure-trove of knowledge where the country and photography are concerned. Accommodation will be in tents, allowing participants to experience nature with all senses as well as hotels and lodges.

My Jeep standing on the rim of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, Africa. The African sunrise has just started, while I was rather busy capturing the Fish River Canyon.

Adventure Namibia Detailed Programme

Day 1:

You will be met at Hosea Kutako International Airport. After your arrival, we will take you to your guesthouse in Windhoek. The rest of the day is at your own disposal.

Day 2:

After breakfast, we will be heading southwards towards Sossusvlei. Indeed a fascinating salt and clay pan surrounded by dark-red sand dunes. The pan is adorned by dead trees reaching up into the steel-blue sky.

Ever morning tourists are climbing the highest sand dune in Sossusvlei, Namibia, Africa. The view from this highest dune over Sossusvlei is amazing at sunrise, but as well at the famous African sunset.

Day 3:

Sunrise in the highest dunes of the world is a sight not to be missed!

Another adventure will await us in Namibia. We will then proceed to the famous Walvis-Bay, visiting the lagoon with its many flamingos and pelicans. With a bit of luck, we will also see seals and dolphins in the waters of this old fishing town. Read in Anette’s journals to explore this beautiful country by reading and nature photographs.

Day 4:

We visit Swakopmund, a scenic beach resort, only about 30km from Walvis-Bay. The day is at your disposal. The German colonial influence can be seen in the architecture as well as typical culinary delicacies. These are indeed difficult to resist. Take a stroll on the beach promenade or relax at the beach. You can take a flight over the ever-changing dune-landscape at sunset, which is optional. We will return to our Walvis-Bay hotel in the evening.

Day 5:

Today, we head to Cape-Cross, a nature reserve that is home to one of the most significant fur seal colonies. We continue along the Skeleton Coast, perhaps spotting the one or other jackal. The shipwrecks that can be seen along with this coast bear witness to the tragedies that occurred here.

On our way, we might encounter giraffes or desert elephants walking in the endless desert of Namibia.

Day 6 to 15

Day 6 and 7:

We will follow the tracks of the legendary desert elephants. With a bit of luck, we may also see desert lions.

Day 8:

We are driving north, we pass baobabs and quiver trees. Undoubtedly, this is the traditional area of the semi-nomadic and proud Himba people, who we may encounter on the way.

Our goal for this day is the imposing Epupa-waterfalls.

Day 9:

A further day is planned in this fascinating and unique location close to the border to Angola. As darkness sets in, we can admire the spectacular night sky.

Day 10 to 13:

The wild animals adventure in Namibia will take place. We explore the famous Etosha-National Park with its 114 different kinds of mammals and 340 different bird species. Setting out on safari at sunrise, we will return at around 10:00 o’clock for brunch. A second drive is scheduled for the afternoon when temperatures start dropping. The golden hour provides us with excellent photographic opportunities. With a bit of patience, good sightings can usually be made at the water holes. Water holes are frequently visited by some rare to find animals, as well as the elusive leopards. While exploring and looking for animals we might see the famous lion prides of the Etosha National Park. They always give us a fantastic display for impressive lion photography. The endless flat African Savannah and Salt Pan allow us to capture a majestic lion in the open plain.

Two African elephant bulls fighting in the desert of Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa.

Day 14:

We start our return journey to Windhoek, where we spend the last night of this Namibian adventure.

Day 15:

Return flight.

(Exclusions: Preparatory costs involved such as international flights and expenses for passports, visas, and insurance; hospitalization and evacuation if necessary; gratuities, alcoholic beverages, laundry, and other personal costs; optional activities and lunch on day 4).

Please note: Namibia is a vast, sparsely populated country. Real adventurers will, however, appreciate the necessary long journeys through pristine landscapes.

Namibia is famous as well for its giraffes. You will encounter graceful elegant animals in the wild while driving through the countryside. Also in the Etosha National Park, you may encounter a giraffe with its tongue out. No, no worries this one does not stick the tongue at you. It was feeding on the famous Acacia trees in the park.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Changes to the itinerary are reserved if weather, political situation, as well as other unforeseen factors, require it.
  2. Your reservation will be confirmed with the payment of the deposit.
  3. The balance is not refundable.
  4. Private travel insurance is obligatory. The insurance company, your insurance policy number, and contact details must be submitted to us.
  5. The organizers of this trip will not be liable for accidents, injuries, death, or loss of property of participants.
  6. In case of necessary medical treatment, hospitalization, or evacuation, all costs incurred must be covered by the participant. Or the participant’s insurance.
  7. If a participant fails to arrive in time for the trip. All additional costs incurred are to be borne by the participant concerned.
  8. As well as all participants are responsible for complying with passport, visa, and health provisions.
  9. Applicable law and country of jurisdiction: Switzerland

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