African Elephant Tusks – The Giant Teeth

African Elephant Giant Teeth In Black and White

African Elephant giant teeth, the tusks, the ivory! That wildlife fine art elephant black and white photograph was sitting a long time on my hard drive in color. Indeed, I did not forget it. I just needed to get into the mood of how I wanted to process it. The color version was ready. It was just not an African elephant photograph for color at all.

Something was missing from these giant teeth of a beautiful African elephant. A few weeks back, I was stumbling over this photograph again when a client was asking for such wildlife photographs. I brought the color version into my Photoshop and looked for that missing something. This elephant fine art black and white photograph I do love.

The black and white fine art photograph of an elephant’s tusks. This majestic elephant came up close to me, which allowed me to photograph the tusks only.

The Story Behind This Wildlife Fine Art Photograph

On one of my Safaris, I came across a big African Elephant herd in Southern Africa. The Elephant herd was strolling through the bush eating. It was such a bliss to see these calm giants roaming freely. The little calves were running around playing with the other youngsters or drinking from big mama while she was eating some branches from a tree.

While standing there taking elephants photographs, some tourists came by to join in the fun, like usual in a National Park. You stop with your car on the side to watch animals. Tourists stop beside you sometimes. When the tourists see nothing, they ask you what you see. I remember ones, observing Bee Eaters in a tree. A car stopped beside me to ask what I see. I answered Bee Eaters. Their reply was: “What, you stop for birds. We are looking for the African Big Five!” I wished them good luck with their Big Five sightings. It is fascinating that tourists always and mostly want to see the African Big Five! What about all other African Wildlife?

African elephant portrait of the tusks

That elephant portrait of the tusks I was able to capture when a bull came closer and closer while feeding. My car engine switched off, as sometimes African elephants do not like the sound and get nervous. How about to escape fast? Well, then I need to be fast! These animals can run very fast. Their speed reaches up to 40km/h | 25mph.

However, for this photo, there was no escape needed. The African elephant herd was very calm, feeding between the trees and bushes usually not even giving any attention to the tourist. I had to move a bit out of this elephant bull’s path. That, of course, I was happy to do. The whole African elephant herd passed the gravel road slowly to disappear behind me in the thick bush. Browse for more elephant photographs in my collection of Tuskers. Explore fun elephant facts what you always wanted to know.

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