African Landscape Pictures Early Morning

African Landscape pictures from Southern Africa

For my morning African landscape pictures I need to get up at 4-4:30am. This is not quite everybody’s cup of tea. Once done it is not that hard to get into gear. Climbing a mountain, walk through a field or just sit in a car, since you are not allowed to get out of the car in a game park. Dangerous animals could attack you! While watching the sun making its way to get close to the horizon is a bliss; some fog on the ground whirling along, maybe blown by a bit of wind, a highlight for your eyes, well for mine for sure. This African landscape photo below is from the Skelton coast in Namibia. And yes, the alarm was ringing very early; I guess I woke up the whole campsite. That wasn’t too bad as we were only 2 parties in this far off the normal route campsite; a couple from South Africa on their yearly 4 week trip through Southern Africa and the famous EAG group traveling with me. I looked out of the tent to see if there was any anything worth getting up for. Yes, it looked promising. The first red sun light peaked through the mountains. Lots of fog, since we were not too far from the Atlantic ocean. I jumped into my pants, grabbed tripod, oh the decision which lens! Oh well, I just took my 2 favourite lenses along for the African landscape pictures I saw through my tent “door”. Three minutes later I was standing in a field across the campsite. Fog was crawling around me, which was sort of awesome. Sometimes I had a view to the mountains and sometimes I was totally embraced by fog.

Skeleton Coast at it’s best – African landscape pictures at morning

African Savannah, Skeleton Coast of Namibia, African landscape pictures taken early morning with fog flowing through mountains, taken by a Landscape Photographer

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Over time I took quite a lot African landscape pictures

When you travel Africa you start to appreciate going to bed early and getting up early to see the new day. What will The Natural World present me today? How does the African Landscape react with its amazing colours and moods! How do the animals welcome the new day! Well, for African wildlife it most likely means, yeah I made it into a new day. Not eaten by a predator nor poached for some senseless reasons! The Lonely Tree, that Acacia tree in the Etosha Park.

This is one of the most taken African Landscape pictures in the Etosha National Park

African Savannah Camelthorn Tree Acacia, African landscape pictures taken early morning, the savannah of the Etosha pan with tree in front, taken by Landscape Photographer

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Natural Salt Pan and Lonely Tree 

Maybe there are some animals under the tree or walking on the salt pan. When I have been in the park again I noticed early mornings the soft pink colour above the salt pan. My thoughts, this light and some exquisite animals must look awesome. While I passed this tree a few times, always immediately it jumped in my head; this scenery, pink sky above the natural salt pan, this must be a wonderful scene. Thoughts set, next morning was reserved for this tree. Yep, next morning reserved, as usual everything comes different! Easy said, hard to accomplish. You start your journey; leave the campsite and what crosses your way? Four Cheetahs, I cannot drive along to a tree, which stands there and does not move. Cheetahs move! I stayed with the African big cats, the Cheetahs. Not that I forgot the Lonely tree, no not at all. It was just, that they were Cheetahs! This Acacia tree got then every morning reserved, but when a fascinating animal comes between, the African landscape pictures of a lonely tree needed to be postponed. Of course it took me a few days to accomplish this Lonely tree photo. One morning while driving along the road a celebrating Springbok came in between. Really, who can pass a jubilant Springbok jumping high into the air? Not me. Can you?

I made a selection of African landscape pictures in my website photo galleries for the slideshow below. All Fine Art Landscape Photographs were taken early morning. Enjoy, feel free to share the post.
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African Landscape Pictures Taken Early Morning
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African Landscape Pictures Taken Early Morning
African landscape pictures taken early morning in Southern Africa. Mist and fog crawling Skelton coast, amazing lonely Acacia tree with natural salt pan