Discover Landscape Photography

These stories highlight the beauty of landscape photography. As Anette travels the world, she captures beautiful scenery photographs that will uplift your mood. Perhaps you will become inspired to discover landscape photography for yourself!

Discover African Landscape Photography

Anette has a love for African Landscape photography. As such, she has traveled thousands of miles. She has crossed deserts and salt pans, coastal regions, and rivers.

The Skeleton Coast is undeniably one of the most dramatic coasts in the world. As the sun rises, the red glow covers the coast. Furthermore, inland, we find barren deserts with lone Acacia trees under the burning sun. Then, Anette discovers ancient red sand dunes, shifting in the wind. Comparatively, there are surreal landscapes of endless white salt pans. Also in Africa are scenic waterfalls covered in mist. Sunrise and sunsets especially offer perfect opportunities for beautiful landscape photography.

Explore Arctic Landscape Photography

Follow our stories about the colossal icebergs. The Arctic offers endless landscapes of white. Snowy ice drifts and frozen sea certainly create beautiful scenes for Arctic landscape photography. Ice formations come in all shapes and sizes. And will undoubtedly fascinate your mind.

Choose Arctic Landscape Photographs For Business

Do you want to add a smart finish to a presentation? Or add a unique look to a website? Undoubtedly, Arctic Landscape photographs will impress your clients. They will add a unique touch to any website.

Finally, taking nature photographs in this icy world requires skill. As such, our blogs will give you all the fantastic stories.