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FemWorldView magazine. What is it? Well, it is new, brand new. FemWorldView magazine launched by Maggie Gray, a freelance journalist photographer and now a chief editor of FemWorldView magazine. Her son Adam Gray (you find him in Twitter and FB) a web developer, helped with the website setting up and who knows what Aliens sit behind a website! A while back I got caught by my friend Charleen Ratcliff dragging me to a page in FB. Telling me, you will like it. Lololol, yep I will like it and let me first see what is all about. I was not even able to do a blink with my eyes and my little FB messengers plings, plongs and more plings plongs all from Maggie Gray: “Do you have time for a chat?” Me, are you sure you hit the right button on this funny messenger thingy? Well, after the “eye blink” I was already in a Skype session with Maggie which took not 30min, NOT 1 hour no, it took more than 2 hours, lots of eye blinks done, lots of laughter. Some peanut butter toast were eaten between, hair messy, oh we all need a comb and a brush, not to forget a hair dryer. You laugh, well we women do all in between! Afterwards my face muscles and ears were hurting, not to mention how my hair looked like. Also I need badly new head phones, very badly. So, after all this chatting about all around and about I said yes and Ommm, agreed with all conditions and submitted as fast I could. What are the conditions? Well, being female photographer and deliver on time, quality and I assume have a sense of humor. 😀

FemWorldView – A magazine about photography, amazing extraordinary female photographers around the globe. What you will find in this FemWorldView magazine:


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Lots to discover, and that is not even all. I am sure you will stumble over names you might never have heard…yet, some others you did. FemWorldView magazine is filled with powerful journalism and extraordinary images. From Wildlife Photography over to the Deep Sea Underwater Photography swooping over to the not ordinary Landscape Photography, there we are taking a left to learn about what some Wildlife Photographers have to live with. Going further down the road we will find the “Journey of Cancer” illustrated in images by Kerry Mansfield and “Health Conditions Will Kill Before Hunger Will” by Adriane Ohanesian. Before we take a right you might just want to stop by at Piper Mackay’s great cultural images from the Omo tribe or Nevada Wier documenting from remote corners cultures of the world. Where are we now, oh well, that does not matter much actually, the magazine has much more to offer and more will come. Go ahead dig in it 😀


At this point I should not forget my own SEO! My latest post is a review of best photos I took in the year 2014.

By Anette Mossbacher

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