Fine Art Nature Photography

Explore Anette’s fine art nature photography, the beauty of the natural world. As such, she travels around the globe, capturing gorgeous photographs to bring into your living space. So, in this section, you will find art photographs and the stories behind Anette’s wildlife and landscapes fine art photography. Consequently, from tropical rain forests to barren deserts, each one tells a story.

Fine Art Wildlife Photography

The collection of Black & White Fine Art Wildlife Photography delights the eye. Follow the stories. In Africa, we find elusive black rhinos, striped zebras, and the majestic lion. Also, in Asia, Anette finds the graceful Red-crowned cranes and the largest sea eagle, the Steller’s Eagle. We should not forget the impressive Indian predator, the Bengal Tiger. She captures photographs of the snow monkeys enjoying their thermal bath. As such, each region of Asia surely has something unique to offer.

Fine Art Landscape Photography

Discover our fine art landscape photography on our blog. They offer eye-catching scenes that blend in with your décor theme. Learn how we accomplished and the story behind them. People are amazed by a setting sun or a cascading waterfall. Undoubtedly, from the frozen Arctic to the humid rain forests, you will discover beautiful photographs and stories that take your breath away.

Also For Professional Use

Finally, are you a professional, offering décor services? Discover the stories behind the art photographs. Beautiful fine art nature photography makes amazing décor hangings for homes. To know the behind the scene story gives you more to talk about that art photograph. They are also perfect for offices, studios, and entertainment areas. Undeniably, excellent wildlife and landscape art photographs are ideal for use.

In conclusion, follow our blog posts and stories. Enjoy these selected photographs from the comfort of your home.

How the Art of Giraffe Anatomy Can Create Beautiful Photo Prints

Fine art wildlife photography of giraffes as wall art home decor

Can Giraffes Pictures Bring Beauty To Your Home? Featured in striking fine art photo prints, the art of giraffe anatomy can change and enhance any home or office. The majestic giraffes capture the hearts of people all over the world. Their anatomy is truly unique, indeed giraffes are the tallest animals. Their tall stature, long …

Nature, Landscape & Wildlife Photography – What Is The Big Difference?

The exotic aloe vera plant as a fine art B&W photograph. A close-up from the plant's large leaves. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Is there a big difference between these types of genres, nature landscape photography? Well, in my opinion, there is a difference, each belong in their own sub-categories. After doing some research, I found what I was looking for to write this blog post. Nature photography is a wide range of photographs captured outdoors. It displays …

African Lion Black And White Fine Art

A Lion pictures black and white of a majestic male standing in the Savannah. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

This article is about a selection of our African lion black and white fine art photographs. African Wildlife black and white photography go beyond capturing a photograph on a memory card that the camera sees. A camera is a tool I use as a wildlife photographer. The black and white lion photography is a production of a …

Fine Art Photography Prints

African black maned Lion photograph in B&W. A limited-edition fine art print as black and white lion picture. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

All nature photographs I offer as fine art photography prints framed as well as unframed fine art prints. Indeed, I am a recipient of numerous international photography awards. My collections of wall art photography prints are for sale as a photo print or an image license. If you like your photograph signed, please do not hesitate to contact me. Read …

Polar Bears and Icebergs Captured

The polar bear resting on pack ice, which looks like the imposing predator, is lost. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

When it comes to artwork, there are thousands of choices that homeowners can make their selection. From the geometric photographic prints that have been so popular over recent years to typography decals. Every homeowner can ensure that their home is as unique as the individuals living in it. However, there is one choice of artwork …

African Elephant Tusks – The Giant Teeth

Wildlife fine art African Elephant Bull Portrait. Black and white photography of its tusks. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

African Elephant giant teeth, the tusks, the ivory! That wildlife fine art elephant black and white photograph was sitting a long time on my hard drive in color. Indeed, I did not forget it. I just needed to get into the mood of how I wanted to process it. The color version was ready. It was …

Silent Roar Epupa Waterfalls Fine Art

Fine art limited-edition photograph in black and white of a waterfall landscape. The beautiful Epupa Falls. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

The gorgeous Epupa waterfalls in Namibia right at the border to Angola. Breathtaking waterfalls, when enough water is flowing down the Kunene River. This is not always given during the year. Only in the rainy season, you might be lucky that the falls are filled with so much water. You see that in the black and white or …

African Wildlife Fine Art

The elegant Oryx gazella, we also know, as Gemsbok is looking back over its shoulder into the camera (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Oryx Gemsbok, African wildlife fine art photography of an Oryx Gemsbok standing in the vastness of Africa’s landscape. In Namibia, you meet nearly on every corner wild animals while driving on the “wrong” side. On my journey through Namibia, I encountered Oryx, as well as many more different species of animals, which have crossed my …