Fine Art Photography Prints For Sale

Nature & wildlife fine art photography prints for sale

All nature photographs we offer as fine art photography prints framed as well as unframed fine art prints. Indeed, Anette is a recipient of numerous international photography awards. Her collections of art photography prints are for sale as a photo print or an image license. If you like your photograph signed, please do not hesitate to contact Anette. See what clients have to say about their purchase of Wildlife and Landscape Photography prints.

Fine art photography goes beyond capturing a landscape, wild animal photographs, or long exposure photographs on camera. It is the production of a photograph that captures the photographer’s vision, emotions, and perceptions. These fine art photography prints portray the essence of fine art photography. The artist, Anette Mossbacher, capture landscape photographs as well as animal photographs.

Landscape fine art photography prints for sale

A beautiful fine art landscape photograph of a baobab tree and the last rays of sunshine of the day. The light and the “tree of life” do not surrender to the masses of water. A strong statement indeed.

Amazingly, the tree of life holds its ground on this small rocky outcrop in the middle of this beautiful waterfall. With nearly 120 meters / 393 feet deep, plunges the water into the valley. Indeed, an enthralling fine art photograph that shows strength, power, and at the same time calms the mind. Anette was waiting for hours in the African heat until the sun started setting. The valley’s cliff began to hold off the sinking sun’s light as the opposite side, which created the shade. The sun moves fast. You could see the shadow moving its way up the cliff to the Baobab tree at this waterfall. Amazing to watch, you need to be quick not to miss the right moment to photograph.

If you are interested to purchase nature photographs as wall art prints the post how to choose the best landscape prints may help you further.

Nature – Strength, power and calm

White and Red – DeadVlei Pan in Sossusvlei Namibia, Africa. The over 800-year-old trees scattered on the white clay pan contrast perfectly with the red dunes. A colorful sunrise scenery of giant red dunes and ancient Acacia trees.

The world’s most famous and enormous dunes you find in Namibia, Africa. The eerie and stunning Deadvlei scenery with the dead Acacia trees scattered over a white clay pan. A fascinating place to see. It would be best if you arrived before the first sunlight touches the horizon. That is the best time to witness the spectacular sunrise light in all its colors moving slowly across the dunes and clay pan.

Is it cotton candy?

Areal view of the most famous dunes in the world – the Namibian desert in Africa. We define pastel colors as a high brightness value with low saturation. The soft light of the African sunset and the dunes’ soft patterns convey a calming, dreamy feeling.

Sorry, this fine art photo of the dune landscape is not cotton candy, even that it might appear like that. It shows dunes in beautiful pastel colors, a sea of sand. A sand dune scenery from the world-famous desert in Namibia, Africa. The sand’s delicate patterns give this fine art landscape photograph a calming feel with its wave shapes and bright colors.

Wildlife fine art photography prints for sale

African Wild dogs running along the Luangwa River in this color fine art wildlife photograph. The smooth motion effect was created with panning and an extended exposure time of the camera.

The elusive African Wild dogs’ attractive pattern of their fur let them beautifully stand out in this fine art wildlife photo. We were following this pack of 5 animals through the South Luangwa national park along the river. Sightings of the endangered Wild dogs, also called Painted dogs, are quite rare. When you spot them, you will try instinctively to stay with the endangered species until they disappear into the African bush.

the majestic lion

A proud African lion stares into the camera in this black and white fine art lion photograph print. Undoubtful, this predator exudes strength and curiosity at the same time.

Lions are one of the largest predators. Many call the lion the king of the jungle. In reality, they do not live in the jungle. They prefer open woodland, the African savannah, or dense scrub as their habitat. How do we humans see lions? Of course, as powerful, majestic, full of strength and courage, animals. We should not forget fearlessness and bravery. In many cultures, these animals have different symbols. In African cultural history, a lion represents strength and authority. Discover more photos of our African lion photography.

The most endangered animal

The elegant Cheetah crosses the Etosha salt pan in this black and white fine art wildlife photograph. The vastness of the salt pan lets this rare and elusive animal stand out beautifully.

Wildlife Limited edition prints for sale

Our collection of limited edition prints consists of a limitation of each print of 25 per photograph. On request, Anette will sign your fine art print. Limited Edition Prints are long term investments, carefully printed in sizes and format to your specification. As the edition sells for a particular photograph, its price appreciates accordingly. That helps to ensure that your collectible fine art photography prints are becoming a valuable investment over time. Anette herself will handle the printing of the limited editions. Please read more information about the limited edition prints. Discover our Polar bear limited edition print. The wild animal is sleeping under the full moon in the Arctic. Explore more photos of Polar bears.

This black and white lion photograph is a fine art limited edition print. The African lion is looking proudly over his pride in the African Savannah.

How to purchase fine art photography prints

When you have decided on your fine art photography prints photo in our collection, click on the cart button located above the photograph. To the right of the photograph, a window will open. Click on the print options tab to select your high quality print material. The window presents you with 3 options. License to purchase an image license for Personal Use, Commercial Use, or Charitable Use. The Fine Art print tab opens you to the unframed print options, which offers you 4 different high-quality fine art papers for printing. The Ready-to-hang tab offers you our framed prints options of Canvas wrap prints, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, and Fine Art Panels. Select your choice and size, the surface you want, and how many fine art prints. Click the “Add to Cart” button, and you will see the Subtotal of the amount of the purchase. Follow the steps to the checkout.

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