Fish River Canyon

  Fish River Canyon – Second Largest Canyon On Earth


Fish River Canyon…   …Luderitz, geeees, 30km before the town, I was asking my GPS: People actually live here? Sand where ever I looked, sand, dunes and more sand.

Arriving in Luderitz/Nambia was like driving in a little German town. It is not a big city, more a very small one in a sort of German style. Supermarket, gas stations all there. As well a very good Restaurant at the harbor! Stepping out of the car a heavy cold wind was greeting me. It was chilly. Was I glad when I saw that the shark island campsite had also chalets to rent. 🙂 That was not quite a weather for sleeping in a tent! Not with just the blanket I got from the Jeep rental! The chalet was not to expensive, so why not. It had everything, kitchen, bathroom and 12 beds for my choice! View at the sea on one side, on the other side, view to the harbor. Very nice & clean. Must say, throughout Namibia the campsites get from me a 4 – 5 star rating. It was always clean and nothing missing at all. In Luderitz I stayed one night.


Fish River Canyon. landscape photography of main rim of the spectacular landscape in Namibia


The Drive To Fish River Canyon

Next morning before the drive to the Fish River Canyon, I took off to the Diaz Point. Was a nice drive around this area at sea. I saw a few flamingos at distance looking for food, Lighthouse at Point Diaz..etc. About 10am the journey to the Fish River Canyon started. First 300km tar road ( B4 ) to the junction to Fish River Canyon. Turn right into M28 direction Fish River Canyon main view point, about 120km. The gravel road crosses a few times rail tracks. Haven’t seen any train at all on my way in or out, but crossed the tracks quite often! Arriving after quite a long travel time at the gate of the National Park and the Hobas campsite. The campsite is inside the National Park. There are no time limits when to go or leave the main view / rim of the Fish River Canyon. The only limit is, that you are not allowed to camp at the rim. Campsite was clean and not to overloaded with tourists.

After signing in and paying the fees I drove another  8-10km to the main view/rim. I have seen the Grand Canyon, but must say I like the Fish River Canyon much more from the view. Breath taking, just wonderful. A place to visit for Landscape Photography and a breathing view.

There I was, taking a few images and waiting for the sun to set over the canyon. I was having dinner on the rim at sunset, before I was heading back to the campsite. Next morning I got up very early for another stop at the main view for sunrise. Arriving there, I was all alone. A few Oryx in the distance, a few lizards, that was it. What a bliss, listening to the “music” of the natural world. Sure I enjoyed that very much with the most wonderful view. The sun getting ready to bring light into the spectacle of mountain formations. Done with Landscape photography. I pulled out my gas cooker and made me coffee. Yeah, still all alone! 3 hours had passed already. Was wondering where all tourist are! Getting comfy in my chair, listening to the “music” of the natural world, enjoying the view, not to forget my coffee. Home made 🙂

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By Anette Mossbacher