Giraffes And Sustainable Customized Leather Bags

What have Giraffes and sustainable customized leather bags in common?


You wonder? Me too 🙂 I might should start at the beginning; Sitting in the airplane in Tokyo after the Japan winter photo tour this year. The seat beside me was still free when no more person entered the airplane. Me, a happy person, of course, thinking that I could spread myself on 2 seats for 13 hours! Well, this was my thought until a woman came down the aisle! She stopped beside me and started talking in French with me. FRENCH, “hello I do not speak French!” So I answered in Mandarin, because I’m better at Mandarin than I am at speaking French. Her customized leather handbag, over her shoulder, jumped into my eyes right away. Like a great picture should do on the dot, within the first 1-3 seconds. Great yellow accompanied with marvellous red. We had a small chat in English, which swopped into German after 15min. This chat was pulled into a long conversation of the length of a 13 hour flight, Tokyo > Zurich! Arrived in Zurich, we swopped email addresses & phone numbers, since we both said, that we never had so much fun with a neighbour in an aircraft chatting to. I flew often in my life, but this encounter in 11000 meters altitude was the most extraordinary!


Giraffes and sustainable customized leather bags, three giraffes walking in dry grassland, black and white picture

The Long March!

But What Has This All To Do With Giraffes And Sustainable Customized Leather Bags And Accessories?

2 month later I have met her again, Karen Olivo. She told me all about her new brand Luc8k. Her high end designers and sustainable leather she uses for her custom handmade leather bags. Sustainable leather; the leather is mineral tanned and vegetable re-tanned. There are sustainable tanneries, which do drum dyeing the leather. Luc8k is using one of them here in Europe for it’s customized leather bags and accessories. The customers can chose their colors of the leather, single or bi-color, add their lucky numbers to their handcrafted bespoke bag logo, et voila. Adding lucky numbers in the logo will make the customized leather bags and accessories unique. The exclusive personalised leather bags are for women and men. On top, I do love the inside fabric of the bags, it is waterproof. Create your own leather bag, reversible leather belt or even duffle yourself, go to Luc8k online store. There comes Sophie, the mascot of Luc8k, as the Forbes magazine describes her.


Giraffes and sustainable customized leather bags, Giraffe holding a customized leather bag, behind her the midnight sun in Svalbard

Sophie with her customized leather Tote bag enjoying the Midnight sun in Svalbard

Sophie is Luc8k’s favourite client and Spokeswoman. She is traveling the globe to bring awareness about climate change, the poorest neighbour hoods in Brazil and much more. Interested? See Blog & News.

The Idea Of LUC8K

to combine a Giraffe with Luc8k for customized leather bags and accessories came from Karen. She was looking through my wildlife galleries, asking, if it would be possible to insert a Giraffe with a leather bag into another image. Since we all know, Adobe Photoshop has endless tools! But before all that, I took images of her leather bags in different ways. We decided to do something different. So two brains do brainstorming, besides chasing Karen up on a tree with a leather Tote bag barefoot. I remember the look she gave me, when I asked her to climb up this huge tree, lolololol. Yes, my creative ideas go sometimes a bit wild! Besides that, I really do enjoy to combine Luc8k with nature photography, long exposure ideas, a great new challenge to enjoy.


Giraffes and sustainable customized leather bags by Luc8k, woman holding a customized handbag on a tree

Karen managed to climb this high tree with one of the customised bags from LUC8K. Well done Karen 🙂

By now we made quite a powerfull gallery of customized leather bags, leather belts, the also customized weekender duffles, reversible leather belts or cardholders. From long exposure images taken at the Zurich Airport and Airport train station over to Geneva to lake Neuchatel. Next destination will be the bush of Botswana. This is my next trip with a dear photographer friend, Carole Deschuymere, and yes 1-2 customized leather bags will accompany us.Geeeeez, I should not forget, even a customized leather wallet is available!

Before I forget, Luc8k’s lucky number is the 8, because when you turn it on the side it stands for infinity. Sounds very much familiar with photography, doesn’t it? What is beyond f/8? My lucky number is 8 and today I post on the 8th. VOILA!

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