Glamping Safari Zimbabwe 2022

The word safari means “journey” in Swahili. There are many types of African safaris offering different experiences, among them are camping safaris ranging from basic camping to “Glamping.”

What is a Glamping Safari?

A Glamping Safari could be considered the way of doing a safari the original way, basically like in the movie “Out of Africa.” The camp would be a mobile camp, transported and tent set up in a pristine wilderness area.

Where Does The Word Glamping Come From?

It comes from combining the words Glamorous Camping, which takes camping to a whole new level. The accommodation and facilities are more luxurious and comfortable than those used for basic camping.

Zimbabwe Wildlife Photography Tour. Hwange National Park & 2 Nights at the Victoria Falls. Contact me for more information. Only 3 spots left.

Photography Tour Dates: 8 Nights / 9 Days – 6 of June until 14 June of 2022

A Lioness is staring intensely into the camera. Black and white lion photograph print. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

A lioness staring intensely into the camera. Photographed on a photography tour in Africa.

For who are Glamping safaris?

African Glamping safaris cater for your own private safari and are also perfect for small groups. The mobile safari glamping accommodation consists of tents (with beds). Each tent has its own adjoining private bathroom with a toilet and a safari shower.

You have the exclusive use of camp with private staff. The camp staff is usually made up of a private chef and camp helpers. They take care of all the logistics. In other words, they ensure great meals including the perfect comfort for your incredible, fully-immersed wilderness experience. Our Glamping safari is fully inclusive (it includes drinks except premium brands). A professional guide conducts all the game drives, driving a 4×4 open-sided safari vehicle for the camp’s guests.

Glamping safari in Zimbabwe shows the luxury tent

The traditional Glamping Safari tent stands in the pristine remote wilderness of the Zimbabwe Hwange National Park.

A day on our Glamping Safari

We will begin our day before dawn with a light breakfast at the camp’s private dining area before we embark on our safari.
Even though it is worth getting up early just to watch the fiery sunrise, we start at this time because the first hours of the morning are the best to see and photograph wildlife. Most nocturnal predators, such as lions or leopards, are still active during these cooler hours. Think of the morning’s soft golden light, which is also the best for wildlife photography.

An elusive African leopard is sitting in a tree at sunset in this wildlife photograph in color. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

The elusive leopard sitting early morning in a tree overlooking the area for prey.

On most days (depending on the wildlife sightings), we will be back at camp by midday when the heat builds up, and animals are less active.
We will be served brunch or a light lunch (depending on the time of arrival) at our private dining area. Afterwards, we will have some free time to either review our photos, have a siesta, or just relax by watching the wildlife passing by near the camp and enjoy the beauty of wild Africa.

After this short rest, we will embark on the afternoon game drive to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon light to photograph the wild animals we encounter. As the light fades, we will either stop on the game drive to have a sundowner at a scenic place to watch or photograph the sunset or otherwise, we will return to camp and have the sundowner by the campfire before the three-course dinner is served at our private dining area.
After dinner, we can finish the day with a drink, talking about the day’s adventures and sightings while sitting by the campfire under the starry African sky.

Sundowner in front of the river at African sunset. 2 chairs and table

The best way to have your sundowner, sitting by the river as the African sunset fills the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors.

A Glamping safari photography tour tent entrance with 2 chairs

Your home on a Glamping Safari, where you will sense, hear, and see the beautiful wilderness.

A wildlife photograph in color features a beautiful cheetah sitting in dry grassland, the Savannah. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

A cheetah sitting in the grassland watching over her back at her siblings.

Glamping safari Zimbabwe 2022

Zimbabwe not only offers the best views of the mighty Victoria Falls, but it also offers some of the best wildlife photography opportunities and wildlife viewing in the world at its magnificent Hwange National Park – which is one of Africa’s best parks and home to over 100 mammals and 400 bird species, including the famous “Big Five”: elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino, along with cheetah, the rare sable antelope, and the critically endangered wild dog – just to name a few, but what makes Hwange National Park so unique is the lack of crowds, it still has that true wilderness feel about it, and our Glamping Safari is the best way to get up close and personal with nature, to soak up the magic of the bush while enjoying uninterrupted views and fire-lit meals under the limitless African sky.

Our Glamping Safari in Zimbabwe has the best of both worlds. It offers a two-night stay at the Victoria Falls as well as five nights of Glamping in the Southern Wilderness Area of Hwange National Park. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime, don’t miss it!

Are you ready for an exclusive adventure?

Come along, for private “Glamping” in the Southern Wilderness Area of Hwange National Park & 2 Nights at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

8 Nights / 9 Days 6 – 14 June of 2022

Only 3 Spots left.

Contact me for more information about this extraordinary Glamping Safari & Photography Tour.

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