Hidden Feng Shui Secrets In Landscape Photography

How To Find Feng Shui Secrets In Landscape Photography?

Feng Shui’s definition emphasizing the natural landscape. Today, the word Feng Shui is becoming so popular both in the east and the western world. How to find the hidden secrets of Feng Shui in a landscape photograph?

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of how the Chinese people view the universe through wise observation on how to achieve balanced positive energy and live harmoniously with its nature and the surrounding environment. “Feng” means wind, and “Shui” means water. That refers to the landscape photography of the earth. For example, shapes or sizes of the mountains and waterways are formed through the continuous synergy of these two powerful forces of nature.

Feng Shui is also actually an art, a common sense, and a cultivated skill on using enhancers such as real landscape photography as prints in the placement of the homes to attract good luck, prosperity, and harmony. In summary, natural landscape Feng Shui relates to fundamental concepts that advocate living harmoniously with the environment. Creating balance and blending in with the natural landscapes of the world offers prosperity, success, and harmony to your home and life.

Find Hidden Feng Shui Secrets In The Landscape Photograph Of Dunes

The Namibian dunes in pastel colors – a beautiful fine art landscape photo print with hidden Feng Shui secrets.

In the ugliness of the name created by humankind, today, the Skeleton coast or better named as Namibian Coast, presents a hidden and unseen beauty of nature that depicts love, inspiration, and vitality. The calming and soothing pastel hues of the dunes present a delicate and smooth melodic flow that holds the charming character of the beholder. In Feng Shui terms, this is a fine art landscape photo print of inspiration, vitality, and love.

Let’s decode the Feng Shui colors as below:

  • Soft blue – blue is a color relating to the sky and ocean. It also promotes the feeling of tranquility and healing. That color insinuates inspiration and stability too.
  • Purple – this color is signifying royalty, wealth, and abundance. It is also the color of vitality and entails a gentle characteristic. But most importantly, purple is the color representing the crown chakra, the bridge between the physical body and the universe where one embarks on the discovery of infinite wisdom, and unconditional love. It also embraces gratitude for life.
  • Pink – the color of love, of course. The mesmerizing soft pink hues in the wall art photograph totally hint at romance in the air, bringing an ambiance of sensuality and love.

In modern Feng Shui, the smooth waves of dunes form a pure energy flow that helps one to see with clarity, purity, and peace. That is an earth element that governs our emotions. Once there was research stating that Africa’s sand dunes depict the feminity and sensuality of our Mother Nature. This wall art photograph of the dunes by the Namibian coast is perfect for those who are looking for inspiration, vitality, and love.

Hidden Secrets Of Feng Shui In The Cape Of Good Hope

The fine art landscape photo print of the Cape of Good Hope hides admirable and beautiful Feng Shui secrets.

As the saying goes, what is in the name says a lot. And it is true for the Cape of Good Hope, with its admirable and excellent feng shui. There is a perfect synergy of this fantastic landscape photo print capturing the sky (heaven) and the sea (earth), forming a life force energy (chi). That makes the Cape of Good Hope a perfect photograph for the center of your home to enhance the heaven and earth luck that brings an abundance of wealth, stability, and growth.

Heaven luck defines thinking power. It brings creativity and intelligence. The sky in this photograph presents a moving flow of clouds representing an active chi in place, which is very promising for continuous growth. The earth represents our emotions. In the fine art photograph, the sea insinuates a calm and steady flow that exhibits a stable personality. Besides, elements of water signify wealth and always bring enormous prosperity. There is also a mountain, and mountains are the symbol of stability, solid support, and to prevent you from any misfortune.

That perfect fine art photograph of the Cape of Good Hope would be ideal for your home as well as an exceptional gift to a friend.

The Namibian Coast Awakens

The desert awakens with a colorful sunrise at the Namibian coast. Where to find in that landscape photograph the hidden secrets of Feng Shui?

There is nothing more promising than a sunrise in your home or office! This beautiful African sunrise photograph on the Namibian Coast should be everyone’s favorite natural landscape photo. Because there is a plethora of positive Feng Shui.

First thing first, sunrise symbolizes pure yang energy, a new beginning, a new hope, and for those embarking on a new journey or new chapter in life. It is about positivity and endurance. Secondly, there is a breathtaking silhouette of mountains in the environment that are vital for good Feng Shui. Without undulation or elevated landforms, flatlands do not have the presence of chi and are therefore inauspicious. Mountains manifest solid support, strength, and resources. It helps to bring more support to your life, career, and recognition.

The breathtaking colors from the sunrise are seen as genuinely auspicious in Feng Shui. Formerly in the Chinese Imperial time, yellow was only allowed for the Emperor. Hence, it is the symbolic color of good luck. Since then, yellow is recognized to be as promising and as yang as red. Today, yellow is an excellent alternative to red for those who prefer a more subtle option. There is also an orange color to the sunrise. Orange in Chinese Cantonese is called “kum”, meaning gold, and therefore, wealth luck. These great color combinations definitely bring an abundance of luck.

The Epupa waterfalls represent the five elements

Anything with water is highly promising. Therefore in that fine art landscape photo print of the beautiful Epupa waterfalls, you will find many hidden Feng Shui secrets. Also the ‘Tree Of Life“.

In Feng Shui, anything that has water is regarded as highly auspicious. And waterfalls are very much a favorite because it means wealth luck coming your way and bringing good fortune. This good fortune is assuredly shown in the spectacular Epupa waterfalls photograph.

Vividly and naturally present at the waterfalls are the soft-looking hills that behold the noble baobab trees. Hills are the natural undulation of the environment. This natural landscape brings very good and promising chi into the home and office. A hill that bears lush green vegetation contributed by the beautiful balance of sunshine (yang), and a shade (yin) illustrates the balance of yin and yang.

The Epupa waterfalls photograph has the ideal color combination. It represents the 5 elements, which are wood (the green tree), fire (rays of the sun), metal (white waterfalls), earth (rays of the sun), and water (the water itself). In Feng Shui, when all 5 elements co-exist, it brings the most remarkable balance, harmony, and luck.

Has the vastness of a salt pan hidden Feng Shui secrets?

That fine art photograph of the salt pan Makgadikgadi in Botswana has many hidden affinities from protection, completion, stability, and wealth luck.

Everyone should own a piece of this timeless and priceless fine art photograph of the Salt Pan at Makgadikgadi. Its beauty of calmness, peace, and purity has a lot of hidden secrets of Feng Shui affinities, such as completion, protection, stability, and wealth luck.

Throughout history, salt has been a powerful source that cleanses, heals, and balances energy, and repels negative vibes. Today, salt is used in Feng Shui practice for the same reason, including blessing, protection, and bringing good luck.

The endless color of white is particularly promising as it brings completion luck and ultimate wisdom. White is also the color of purity, clarity, and new beginnings. It symbolizes the essence of all colors, and hence good luck is abundant. The various shades of blue, from deep to light, provide a sense of calm, peace, and healing. Blue is the water element in Feng Shui and totally brings an abundance of wealth luck. There is also a hint of golden brown at the far end of the horizon. This color signifies the vital energy and gives stability to its surrounding.

That beautiful article about Hidden Feng Shui secrets in Landscape Photography was written for my blog by my dear friend S.L.C. Please, read as well her post about powerful wildlife photographs Feng Shui secrets. Feel free to use the comment section below to comment or for any questions you may have about the hidden Feng Shui secrets in nature photography.

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