Japan Photography Tour 2025

Japan Photo Tour

Adventure Photography Tour in Japan 2025 – explore with us Japan in the winter of Hokkaido on our Japan photo tour 10th – 21st February 2025. Your hosts will be Ade Photography. I won’t be the guest photographer this time.

The winter nature and wildlife adventure photography tour in Japan 2025 is tailored for a small group with a max. of 6-8 guests with the excellent photographic instructor; Ade, Professional Photographer.

Come along with Ade to witness and capture the amazing nature and wild animals of Japan. He will provide on-site guidance for you to improve your photographic skills. Sea Eagles in flight or in mid-air fight against other raptors. On this photo tour, you will have access to the expertise of  Ade Professional Photographer.

Arrival Day in Tokyo: 09th Feb 2025 To ensure we are all on the ground and ready for Day 1, the hotel room for the night before the start of the photo tour is included in your package.

What will you photograph in Japan?

Red-crowned crane displaying his graceful dance in winter. Hokkaido Island, Japan.

Red-Crowned Cranes Photography

The majestic Red-Crowned Cranes are one of the rarest cranes / birds on earth. In Japanese cultures, these large birds are seen as a symbol of fidelity, longevity, and good fortune. Many of us may know these birds for their beautiful, graceful wedding dances. As well as their white feathers, black feathers on the wings, and not to forget the red crown on their head. Sometimes they have as well a wild animal audience. The red Ezo fox come close to watch the dances of the Red-crowned cranes.

Graceful Whooper Swans Photography

The graceful Whooper Swans, fly in from their night quarters to land in little ice-free gaps of Lake Kussharo. These ice gaps are open due to hot spring water entering the lake. The hot water provides a beautiful mist / fog surrounding the Whooper Swans. A wonderful opportunity to capture atmospheric photographs of Whopper Swans.

Red-crowned cranes in flight. This photograph was taken with a slow shutter speed. Hokkaido, Japan.

Steller’s Sea Eagles – Eagles Of The Sea Photography

Steller’s Sea Eagles the acrobats in the air. The masters of flight diving and catching the fish from the water. These sea eagles are a large species of bird of prey you find in coastal regions of Japan and Russia. Their wings span from about 8 feet / 2.4 meters with a weight of up to 20 pounds / 9 kilograms making them one of the largest eagles on earth. Their primary food is fish. What I love about these amazing birds are their striking black and white plumage, yellow feet, and beak. So beautiful birds.

White-Tailed Eagles Photography

White-tailed Eagles, as well as large birds of prey. The island of Hokkaido is an important breeding ground for White-tailed Eagles. In recent years, the number of these large raptors has increased on the island of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is one of the hot spots to capture White-tailed Eagles, as well as Steller’s Sea Eagles. These eagles are very photogenic with their white tail feathers, powerful talons, and beaks. In Japan, they are called “O-washi”, which means great eagle. It is amazing to witness them, in mid-air, fighting against Steller’s Sea Eagles. The acrobats in the air.

Japan Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour 2025

Ezo Deer Photography

Ezo Deer, a subspecies of Sika deer is native to the island of Hokkaido. The male Ezo deer can have antlers growing up to 3 feet / 1 meter long. Sometimes you can find them as well on the beach, displaying their most regal pose with gorgeous snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Ezo Fox Photography

The Ezo fox, is a subspecies of red fox. You find the Ezo foxes exclusive on the island Hollaido in the north of Japan. The Hokkaido fox is also considered a symbol of the island’s wildlife. Japanese admire the Ezo foxes for their resilience and their adaptability in this challenging environment. You can find them sometimes to explore the drift ice on the beaches for food or try to steal the Steller’s Sea eagles and White-Tailed eagles’ lunch. They are full of surprises, even hunt each other.

Steller’s sea eagle caught a fish in the ocean. Hokkaido island Japan.

Details of the Japan Photography Tour 2025

February 2025 Arrival Day

Arrival Day: To be ready on day 1, your hotel room is already included in your Japan photo tour price package, no need for you to make a reservation unless you come 1-2 days earlier. (Excluded from the hotel room are meals and beverages) Please make your own way to the hotel. We will meet in the evening in the hotel to greet each other as well as to discuss the upcoming photo tour of Hokkaido. (D)

Red-Crowned Cranes

Day 1: We take the domestic flight to Kushiro in the northern part of Japan. This day and the following 2 days we will spend with the wonderful Red-crowned cranes. (D)

Day 2 & 3: Red-crowned cranes photography in locations around Kushiro and Akan. We may encounter in these locations as well White-Tailed eagles, Black Kites, Ezo deer, and foxes. Of course, we will do a trip for Owl photography as well. (BD)

Day 4: Red-crowned cranes. Early morning we will photograph the Red-crowned cranes. After our four amazing days in Kushiro/Akan midday, we head to the famous lake Kussharo. We will spend there the next 2 days to photograph the graceful whooper swans and the amazing scenery of the Hokkaido landscape surrounding lake Kussharo. (BD)

Graceful Whooper Swans

Day 5 & 6: In the early mornings and late afternoons we will make our way to the Whooper Swans at Lake Kussharo. We will photograph the Whooper Swans for the next 2 days. Midmorning on the 6th day we will drive to the Shiretoko Peninsula to the quaint fishing town of Rausu. Depends how the weather permits us we will also do fox photography. Nothing is more amazing to see a fox crossing icebergs along the ocean. (BD)

The White-Tailed eagle just landed and spread its wings to chase away another raptor. Hokkaido Island, Japan.

Sea Eagles, Steller’s Eagles & White-tailed Eagles

Day 7 & 8 & 9: The next 3 mornings will wake up early. Each morning we are on a boat cruise photographing the largest raptors, the Steller’s Eagles and White-Tailed Eagles. You get the chance to capture the eagles’ in flight diving, clutching fish in their large claws. The acrobats of the sky. Amazing sightings of fighting Steller’s Eagles or even Steller’s Eagle against a White-Tailed Eagle mid-air or on ice. A sight not to be missed and to capture. On this place, we will also do a side trip to capture the beautiful foxes of Hokkaido. (BD)

Day 9: Early morning we will be on a boat capturing the wonderful Steller’s Sea Eagles and White-Tailed Eagles. Another opportunity to catch these large raptors mid-air against the rising morning sun displaying their acrobatic flight maneuvers. (BD)

Sea Eagles On Land

Day 10 & 11: We will spend the early morning with the amazing sea eagles on land. That gives us excellent opportunities for these eagles in flight as well as on land. The chances are high to capture some outstanding images of aerial combat. (BD)

Day 12: We will spend another day with the sea eagles, Steller’s Eagles, and White-tailed Eagles. In the afternoon we fly back to Tokyo Haneda Domestic Airport. (B)

Our Adventure Photography Tour ends at the Haneda Domestic Airport on 23rd February 2024.

Ezo deer standing proudly on the beach of Hokkaido island, Japan. In the distance, you see the mountains of a Russian island.

Japan Photo Tour Price:

US$6,950 per person – single occupancy for the entire photo tour period, no sharing required.

Reservation FEE: US$1,000.00 online booking form.

Please read the information about booking and cancelation fees.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Climate: Cold to freezing cold!

Arrival Day in Tokyo: Feb 2025. To ensure we are all on the ground and ready for Day 1, the hotel room for the night before the start of the photo tour is included in your package.

Booking Form

The Winter Photo Tour Japan 2025 Additional Information

Included in your Winter Japan Photo Tour:

  • All accommodations, and meals during the tour from days 1 – 12. Breakfast (B) and dinner (D) & (BD) is included. See the schedule above.
  • Domestic flights  – Tokyo Haneda to Hokkaido and return
  • Charter bus for the entire trip. There is ample space for all.
  • All admission fees/boat fees

Your accommodations on your Japan Adventure Photography Tour:

  • Western-style hotels, comfy Japanese hotels, and Inns
  • Accommodation Single room
  • Double or Twin rooms upon request, couples are welcome
  • Please, keep us informed of any dietary needs /allergies in the booking form when filling it out. Thank you.

What’s not included in the photo tour:

  • Your international flights / transportation costs to and from Narita International Airport as well as the Haneda Airport.
  • Your hotel costs traveling prior to the start and after this photo tour.
  • Beverages / meal costs on the arrival day 0.
  • It is best to arrive a day earlier before the photo tour starts to sleep off any jetlag. As well as reduces the impact if your international flight has any delay!
  • Travel and medical insurance.
  • Visa fees, if applicable.
  • Phone calls, laundry, internet use. Most places have free internet access.
  • Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, minerals, any kind of drinks.
  • Souvenirs, snacks, tips.

Insurance For The Photo Tour:

  • Please be advised to have comprehensive insurance to cover you for the full time on this photography tour in Japan.

Personal Information:

  • Please seek advice from your doctor/GP/Physician for traveling in the extreme cold. It can be and most likely will be sometimes extremely cold. As we travel to rural Japan, there are only a few medical facilities available.
  • If you need to take regular medication, please take for an extra week your meds along.
  • If you have any breathing difficulties or health issues in extremely cold environments, please seek medical advice before booking a place.

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Snow Leopard March 2025

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