Journey Wild Arctic Svalbard

Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard Far North

Wild Arctic journey Svalbard, to the far north of Europe, above the arctic circle to encounter the northern Arctic wildlife in their natural world.

Wild Arctic in Svalbard also called Spitsbergen is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Most people I know asked me where on earth is this? Far north, nearly in the middle between Norway and North Pole, north the Arctic circle, around 74 – 81 degrees longitude. Wow, never been so far north and we went much further to the north with the boat – the pure wild Arctic!

Polar Bear eating sea weed! I have learned that a Polar bear eats nearly everything when hungry!

Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard, polar bear eating sea grass on a rocky shoreline while walking along the beach

So better do not meet one on foot, you might get eaten! Usually the Polar Bears follow their “living food” with the pack ice. Some just miss the train and get stuck on Svalbard’s islands. Some others try to swim to the pack ice. Not all reach it and drown on their way, sadly. Since the pack ice melts more and more every year, means the longer the way is to swim for a Polar Bear to reach “food”

How far can a Polar Bear swim to reach it’s normal food source, the seals, the pack ice …etc.?

I do not know the answer how far a Polar Bear can swim exactly! Scientist recorded 90 – 420 miles with GPS trackers! But the pack ice shrinks every year more, the distance gets bigger and bigger. Can Polar Bears swim 500 or even 1000miles when needed?
Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard, Polar bear resting on an iceberg at sunset far out in the pack ice of the Arctic sea
One sentence I heard quite often from friends and neighbors when I told them that I go to Svalbard: “What do you want up there? There is nothing, just wild Arctic.”

Sure there is lots and much more. OMG, there is plenty! It is a remote place, but so much to see. One has just to open their eyes 🙂 When I flew in and saw Svalbard from air my thoughts were: hope I brought enough hard drives, memory cards and more of all that to store all my photographs! All what I capture with my eyes, with my Nature Photography, with my Wildlife Photography hope I have enough space for all that. At the end, Just had enough!

The real Natural World of a remote place with its animals, Wildlife in their natural habitat. The biggest contrast to my Africa/Asia trips! I did have enough storage along. 2 big external hard drives, for double back up, enough memory cards. It was just enough for 9 nights on a boat and 2-3 days in Longyearbyen. The photographs I took in Longyearbyen I uploaded in the Hotel via PC on a Internet storage, just to have enough space. Never know what to expect!

The above Polar bear was very dirty as you can see. They usually roll in the snow, but on this island was not much left last September! His last bath/swim must have been a little while ago.
Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard, Polar bear standing on a big rock. The animal is very dirty
After 2- days in Longyearbyen it was time to departure with the boat. I shared the cabin with a very nice woman from Sweden. We drove out from Longyearbyen into the arctic ocean. Oh the sunset, wow, a blow your mind sunset I haven’t seen so far in my life. The waves which followed, hui, I guess the seasickness people should bring enough sea sickness pills along, if you want to enjoy your trip! I took them too, even that I do not get sea sick, my thought was better take them, the waves have been quite big sometimes, also I want to be able to photograph and not being sick!

Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard, Iceberg in a unique abstract shape in the beautiful colorful sunrise light of the Arctic

Above the sunrise light in the arctic with an iceberg drifting in Kongsfjorden. The light is to dream of!
Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard, Fin Whale group breathing swimming in a line, surfacing in Atlantic Ocean close to the coast of Svalbard, Arctic, Norway
On our way back to Longyearbyen/Svalbard we encountered this whales breathing nearly all the same time in a line.
Wild Arctic Journey Svalbard, Polar bear black and white fine art wildlife photograph. Polar bear walking along a rocky beach at the Arctic sea

Polar bear walking along the cliffs of the Arctic ocean in Svalbard. Black and White-Fine Art Photography

 Above one of my favorite photographs from Svalbard. I call this photograph “Born in Svalbard”

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By Anette Mossbacher

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