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Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography – Fine Art Limited Editon Prints


When you purchase your limited edition photographic print, you are investing in a collectible photographic artwork from Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photographer, Anette Mossbacher.

Her limited edition fine art photographic prints are created using the latest technology, which provides your investment with the ultimate in archival, museum-level, quality and control.

These photographic prints are suitable for any purpose, either in the home, office, or in a commercial application. Anette will accept nothing less than museum quality for these exquisite moments of nature captured.

Each fine art limited edition print comes with the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity, which is designed to protect the security and genuineness of your limited edition artwork from Anette Mossbacher. The certificate of authenticity removes the risk of forgery.

Each certificate of authenticity is constructed of premium deckle-edged, mold made, paper with a Hahnemühle watermark and embedded fluorescent security fibers. A serialized and numbered hologram is also added.

Secondly, an identically numbered hologram will be applied to the reverse side of your selected artwork.

The certificate and holograms will be supplied to you directly from Anette Mossbacher Photography.

Anette will also sign your print upon request

The combination of certificate and the holograms assures that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to one particular piece of artwork.

African Lion B&W fine art limited edition photographic print. Lion looking proudly back to his pride in the African savannah

Black & White Fine Art Limited edition print of an African Lion looking back to his pride in the Savannah.


Original Fine Art – Limited Edition Prints

What separates a Limited Edition Print from a non-limited edition print?

Both are exquisite. Both originate from the mind and skills of Anette Mossbacher.

Anette has earned multiple international awards.

Clients from around the world seek her out to obtain her photographic artwork, as well as to attend her custom tailored photography adventure tours and workshops.

She is a rare individual that can capture – within her art – the raw emotions of natural fear, life, and an almost mystical sense of peace that comes from a deep physical placement within a natural environment.

A limited edition print allows you to take part in that experience in a manner that very few people ever will. The reason is, quite literally, the view is limited. This creates collectability!

Anette Mossbacher personally selects the photographs used for the limited edition collections. These are the best of the best!

Wildlife and Landscape Photography On Display

Fine art limited edition prints, African Lion photography black and white wildlife photo print hanging in living room
Limited Edition Prints, African landscape photography print of Deadvlei red sand dunes hanging in a living room
Limited Edition prints, African elephant black and white print standing in a hallway of a home


The Value of Investing in Limited Edition Photography Prints

Fine art limited edition photographic prints are a long-term investment. This is artwork that is passed from generation to generation.

Each limited edition photograph is carefully printed onto superior quality materials. They feature custom print finishes, sizing, and will be formatted exactly to your specifications.

Limited edition artwork appreciates with time and availability. As each numbered print sells, the price is raised for any remaining editions. This virtually guarantees a positive return on your art décor investment.

Anette Mossbacher Photography guarantees the stated quantity of her limited edition prints. When the edition sells out there are no more prints for sale.

Please contact Anette Mossbacher Photography for information regarding the process of closure for a limited edition collection.

Also, contact us with any inquiry regarding Wildlife and Landscape Photography limited edition printing.  We can accommodate custom sizes, print onto different materials, provide museum level framing, and much more. Please take a moment, click on the link, and read what our extremely happy clients have been excited to tell us…


Superior Quality Materials For Your Limited Edition Prints

All of the materials used in Anette’s printing, mounting, and framing processes are museum quality!

      • Hahnemühle Premium K3 Paper for Color – Fine Artwork

Fine art, limited edition prints, using the Hanhnemule’s Premium K3 Pigment Printing Process, are superb for capturing critical photographic details, and the color reproduction of your selected print is guaranteed to remain vibrant and pure for the years ahead. You can also add an elegant white border to your custom print if you wish. This print is not yet framed. Consult with us directly to arrange your framing. We highly suggest using the matte acrylic glass option, and we can also arrange for any number of other framing materials.

      • Ilford Baryta Premium Paper For True Black and White Reproduction

Ilford’s Baryta photographic paper is the perfect choice for accurate reproduction of digitally captured photographs. It recreates a brilliant shining white highlight, while also displaying a commanding and powerful deep black tone. It presents an exquisitely fine level of brightness and very sharp lines. It is for these reasons that Anette has chosen the Ilford Baryta product line for her limited edition black and white photographs. The Baryta prints are not framed. Consult with us directly to arrange for your framing. We highly suggest using the matte acrylic glass option, and we can also arrange for any number of other framing materials.

      • Premium UV Fine Art Canvas Wrap Prints

Fine art canvas wrap prints give you an elegant non-framed option. They include a special UV coating to protect them against the UV rays of the Sun. Canvas prints say, “Beautiful artwork”, and you will hear these words again and again from your family, friends, colleagues, and clients. They are mounted to museum quality wooden stretcher frames, and come complete. Your chosen artwork is ready to hang – right from the shipping box!

      • Brilliant Fine Art Photographic HD Metal Prints

Metal prints have become increasing popular in the last few years, and for a good reason. They present the brilliant colors of the original scene while also providing a durable, and beautiful, finish that is quite unrivaled. These prints can be created with two different types of finish; primed gloss or brushed white. Ask us for more details. HD (high definition) metal prints are weather resistant and scratchproof. In addition, you have the option to choose our “Aluminum Dibond Direct” printing with the “UV Art Print Technology”. Even our standard paper prints can be mounted to an aluminum panel for an outstanding aesthetic look! HD Metal Prints, and the Aluminum Dibond Prints are ready to hang right from the box.

      • Placing Your Premium Photographic Artwork Under Matte Acrylic Glass

Placing your special, Anette Mossbacher, print under matte acrylic glass is highly recommended. This added feature would enhance your viewing pleasure. It provides an unimpeded view with wonderful depth, vibrant colors, and no reflections. You can order this option for any photograph that you frame through Anette Mossbacher Photography. However, we definitely recommend it specifically for any limited edition print. When ordering the matte acrylic glass option, your backing material will be the museum quality Aluminum Dibond product, and it will be ready to hang right out of the delivery box.


Contact Us

When you are ready to invest in an Anette Mossbacher limited edition print, contact us to discuss your choice of a printing process and presentation (framing) materials and options.

We are here to help you.

Fine Art Limited Edition Photographic Prints


Polar Bear black and white art limited edition prints. Wild animal nestled under the full moon in cliffs in Svalbard

Black & White Fine Art photograph of a Polar Bear sleeping in a cliff under the full moon in Svalbard

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