What Will The Future Hold

What Will The Future Hold For The Arctic!

Update 15 July 2014: This Photograph has won the 5th place in landscape category in Society of German Wildlife Photographers contest 2014

Polar bear looks tiny in this landscape in the vastness of the wild arctic sea far north. At 83 degrees we have seen this polar bear having a nap on an iceberg. The vastness of the Arctic nature is extraordinary, the light is to dream off. This was such a great experience to be so far north, in the middle of the Arctic sea, surrounded by ice, somewhere in nowhere! The question comes up, when nearly all ice is melted what will the future hold for the Arctic wildlife and nature?


 What will the future hold or lost in the vastness of the wild Arctic nature 

What Will The Future Hold For The Arctic Nature, polar bear on an iceberg in the middle of the Arctic nature sea
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We came across this polar bear napping on an iceberg on our search in the pack ice. He of course woke up with the boat drifting through the ice, making all sorts of low metal noise. Eventually he woke up, very curious coming closer and closer to our boat to check us out. Seeing this polar bear in the vastness of the pack-ice far north was extraordinary and I couldn’t help wondering what the bears will do when the pack ice declines further and further north?

Polar bears spend most of their time on ice to hunt seals. They are very good swimmers. Polar bears are listed as a vulnerable species in the IUCN list.

ISO 1600  f/11.0  1/800sec.  Lens: 17-40mm L

By Anette Mossbacher

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