Alone 6000k Through The Natural World

Alone In A Jeep – 6000k Through the Natural World of Namibia



…for the trip “Alone 6000k through the natural world of Namibia”.

…arriving in Windhoek/Namibia late afternoon. My first encounter with Photography in Africa – Wildlife – sort of, a big sign of a Warthog. “Safari already, at the airport?” Nop, not quite. Next morning, 8am… yawn, the hand over of my rental 4×4 Jeep took about 1 1/2 hours. The company explains you everything, even the smallest thing you can imagine. Most important for me was the compressor to refill the tires with air again after off road driving. If you do not want to pump up your tires for about 30-45min per hand, rent a compressor! Off road, a large part of Namibia roads are gravel roads or real off road!


natural world of Namibia, sunrise at Fish River Canyon with a 4x4 Jeep, Namibia, Africa

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Photography in Africa

The journey, photography in Africa, began, sort of, first stop … Supermarket to fill my empty fridge in the trunk. Yep, I had a fridge, great thing to have along, really. The Savannah Dry for the eve’s had to stay cool, somehow. Water the most essential in Namibia, about 20 bottles each 1.5L. Of course some food came along as well. When all was “secured” in fridge & trunk finally the real journey started. Gas tank full, fridge full, GPS set, paper map on the side and most important besides the water all batteries of my photography gear loaded to the edge, camera bag handy on the passengers seat front. Tripod, where was that? Right, trunk, okay when I need to lower the air pressure on the gravel road I need to get it to the front. Set and there I started my journey through the unending wilderness, the natural world of Namibia.
Namib Naukluft National Park was already waiting for me, the famous red dunes first. I had to do a reservation at Sesriem Campsite, all other days I actually wanted to stop by were fully booked. Yes Camping ground! I recommend to check quite early before you travel, if they have space for you at the Campground or Camps. It took me about 6 hours to get there via the Spreetshoogte Pass – Solitaire, a must stop, taking pictures on the way, finally Sesriem Camp site around 6pm.


The natural world of namibia, Sossusvlei red sandiness with very dark shadows at the golden sunset light.

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Next day wake up call, 5am … getting ready and trying to be the last one in line at the gate to get into the park. Gate opens 1 hour before sunrise. For Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei I got some great suggestions from friends: “Take your time when you drive into the park, stop here and there for your photographs, all tourists go straight to the Dead Vlei!” My thought was, follow the crowd as the last one for my photo stops, no car will pass and whirl up dust! Easy to accomplish to be the last one. The first beautiful red dunes showed up a few K’s after the gate! The sun just started to glimpse a bit over the mountains behind me. Wow what colorful dunes, what the natural world shows off was just amazing. 45K, suddenly all cars in front of me turned to the left to the dune 45. That surprised me a bit, thought all go straight to Dead Vlei! Well, I went than straight to Dead Vlei to have it all for myself! That was really a bliss. What did I learn, be the last and be there first 🙂 About 1 hour later the place started to fill up with people. I stayed 2 nights at Namib Desert Park, before I continued to Luderitz and Fish River Canyon. Luderitz, geeees, 30km before the town, I was asking my GPS: People actually live here? Sand where ever I look, sand, dunes and more sand.

World Of Namibia In Photographs

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By Anette Mossbacher

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