Nature Photography Workshops & Photo Tours

Tailored To Your Desires And The Dictates Of Nature

If one is going to learn anything, it’s best to learn from a master

Anette Mossbacher has photographed animals and nature on nearly every continent. Her passion and love for nature comes out in each piece.

Another passion of Anette’s is to share her love for the natural world with others.

Regardless of your skill level, from beginner to expert, Anette will take you on workshops and photo tours of the world’s beauty and show you how to preserve your sights for all eternity.

The Nature Photography Workshops and Photo Tours are designed to show you the sights of different continents, teach you how to capture them, and how to see those things that most photographers miss.

Would you like to improve your skills as photographer?

Do you want to master the art of Landscape and Wildlife photography?

Do you want to learn how to edit in Digital Darkroom?

Anette provides On-site Guidance on:

        • How to use your camera
        • How to see the best images
        • Learning the patience to get a perfect picture
        • How to modify your work in Digital Darkroom
        • Understand how to use digital processing to improve your photograph without taking away its natural beauty

We also create for you a tailor-made photography workshop, bespoke tours itineraries, and much more. Learn everything from framing the image to photo processing and how to fully utilise the powers of your camera.


Black and White Fine Art Photograph of a Lion

Nature Photography Workshops Photo Tours Africa, black and white fine art wildlife picture of a male lion standing in the desert


Tailored Nature Photography Workshops and Photo Tours for Individuals

These private workshops and photo tours are limited to the maximum of 1-2 participants with Anette as instructor. Upon requests Anette organises your private workshop / photo tour for your needs. With your scheduled departures to ensures your flexibility in planning for the workshops / photo tours.

On all these photography workshops and tours, you will have access to the expertise of Anette. You will receive expert tuition on all aspects of digital photography; understanding your camera, how to exposure, how to see the best composition, best capture techniques as well your digital darkroom techniques and workflow. Simply contact Anette for your enquiry.


Landscape & Wildlife Photography Workshops and Photo Tours for Small Groups

These workshops and tours are limited to the maximum of 8 participants with two expert photographic instructors.

        • Scheduled departures and itineraries
        • Flexibility on-site during workshops and tours
        • Plenty of room for your gear

Each participant will receive expert training on every aspect of photography, from the equipment to the subjects to post-processing. We’ll even show you how to maximise your images for print or the web.


Please visit often to see what new tours we’ve scheduled or simply contact us. We’ll be happy to help you and keep you up to date on all our tours and workshops.


Icebergs sailing in the Arctic sea in Greenland

Nature Photography workshops and photo tours, landscape picture showing colossal icebergs floating in Arctic ocean, Greenland

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