Photography Workshops & Photo Tours

Enjoy a Customized Photography Adventure and Learning Experience

“The purpose of education is to give to the body and to the soul all the beauty and all the perfection of which they are capable.” – Plato


Gift yourself everything that you are capable of. Learn photography from a Master Photographer!

Anette Mossbacher has photographed the beauty and majestic nature of our world on nearly every continent. Her experience will help you flourish in your photographic endeavors. Her passion for photography, nature, and education is evident in every aspect of her art and demeanor. Let Anette become a part of your passion for this natural world!

Regardless of your skill level, from a beginner to expert, join Anette on breathtaking adventures where you will learn photography, interact with wildlife, take home unbelievable memories, and you will capture all of it in stunning photographs that will generate a magnificent portfolio for you.

The Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography Tours & Workshops are specifically tailored to introduce you to the different environments on the Earth. You will learn how to capture each location in their uniqueness with your camera. You will also come away with your own established photographic vision and skillset.

You want to improve your skills as a photographer.

You would like to master the arts of Wildlife, Landscape, and Nature Photography!

You desire updated and professional level post-processing skills

Anette will provide you with personalized instruction:

        • How to properly use your camera
        • How to find and make use of your own photographic style
        • How to practice patience and skill in the field
        • How to post-process your photography to the very best that it can be


Anette will teach you critical post-processing skills; so that you won’t accidently detract from the natural beauty of your photographs.

Anette Mossbacher Photography can also create for you custom workshop scenarios, as well as unbelievable bespoke tour itineraries! Ask us how! Check out what clients have to say about their trips.

You will learn every skill including composition, camera usage, lensing, animal behavior, judging light, safely moving about in the great outdoors, and many other amazing facts about our natural world.

You Will Experience Your World in New and Unforgettable Ways!

Nature Photography Workshops Photo Tours Africa, black and white fine art wildlife picture of a male lion standing in the desert

Black & White Fine Art Photograph of an African lion in the Savannah


Customized Wildlife, Landscape, and Nature Photography Workshop & Tours for Individuals

Anette leads private & customized photographic tours and workshops for those that desire the ultimate in a personal experience. These photographic tours are limited to a maximum of 1 or 2 people. Anette can organize the complete itinerary at your request. You provide Anette with the dates of your trip. What you like to photograph, as well in which country/ies and she will use her extensive background to customize, for you, an amazing educational and photographic experience that you will never forget!

During your private tour, you will have full access to Anette’s expertise on photographic technique, wildlife behavior, and some of the cultural background on the locations that you will be visiting.

Photography techniques that you will be taught include: composition, camera functions, metering & exposure, studying the light, animal behavior, wildlife safety, post-processing, and much more.

Customize a trip to the African Savannah with Camelthorn Tree, Acacia plant, behind is the salt pan from Etosha National Park

African Acacia tree standing in the Savannah of Namibia


Wildlife & Landscape Photography Workshops and Tours for Small Groups

These workshops and tours are limited to a maximum of 6-8 participants. Two expert photography instructors will lead every tour. This small group size ensures that you will receive maximum attention and photographic instruction during your trip.

        • Scheduled departures and itineraries
        • Flexibility on-site during workshops and tours
        • Plenty of room for your gear


Every participant will receive expert training on all aspects of photography including; equipment selection; use and technique- Choosing a subject and then creating a dynamic composition of that subject- How to properly and effectively post-process your amazing work!


Imagine Beautiful Icebergs Sailing Past You in the Arctic Sea of Greenland

Nature Photography workshops and photo tours, landscape picture showing colossal icebergs floating in Arctic ocean, Greenland

Massive iceberg floating in Disco Bay of Greenland


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