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OMG – the website page speed project. You really wanna do such project? The website page speed project? Oh well, prepare yourself some time and hope you have more time. Make a backup of your website as well! 😀

How on earth did I get on this website page speed stuff? Yeah right the wonderful SEO has driven me in this path. “Miss Google” with all her moods and changes. She wants to be spoilt, she wants to show off with all her lovely “jewelry” and fancy websites on top. “Hey I wanna be there too”. I have great nature and wildlife pictures….etc, I even sell photography prints and stock photos license! …. “Sooo Miss Google, and … and … more flowers I need to send her way!

My very first mission was, the Search Engine Optimization project. Keywords yeah… blaaaah. Means I need to please Miss Google, send her the Dutch flower fields, Belgium cookies and Swiss chocolate in form of keyword phrases and many blog posts. Can someone lent me the time for blog posts, please?

Okay, pleasing Miss Google. HOW… with website page speed?  I sat down 3 month to learn all about keywords…. till next time Miss Google has one of her moods to change her jeans, shoes or dress! On my way to learn all this SEO key wording and more, I stumbled over this little add on, website page speed. Heck, what is this now? Another thing to learn to get my site on page #1 – #5! Ooooh Miss Google I never will be able to please you, am I?


Page speed, website page speed scan showing how fast the website is opening

Google insights page speed tool showed me this 81/100, orange when I ran the first time my website through the scan.


Now Website Page Speed 

With help from Diego, my right hand in the coding and all of this website we started the website page speed project. First as usual, reading the internet from top till toe and from the right to the left all about for new project: WEBSITE PAGE SPEED … side project: Learn!


How to do website page speed when you have two hands, a mouse and lots of plugins to choose from. 


Website page speed scan run and first “show off” 81/100 orange, bummer, what can be optimized. There are 2 scanners for page speed I use. Google insight page speed and GTmetrix , the rest I found was pretty much the same like GTmetrix. Google insights a tad moody bringing numbers like the lottery here and there.

Scan done, 81/100. What came up first of course, who has guessed this not? Optimize photographs to gain more website page speed. Okay, in short and on the dot: Cut the photograph files size down, what the heck get them smaller for Speedy Gonzales page speed! Best is, leave the photographs off your website, if you wanna have light speed!

Plugin for “smashing” / down sizing your photographs – WP – I ran this plugin for nearly all photographs I did one photograph after the other, single use. I read in the reviews that one person said this plugin mixed up a few codes when used at the full media library at once in WP. Took me a while to get all photographs done! Does a great job for sure. If you use Photoshop or any other software to downsize, check quality as well. I cannot smash the files size to the bottom, my photographs need to show at least a bit quality, of course!

Google insights page speed showed a few more things. Change a few codes to downsize them, minify html here and there. We just were fixing all what those page speed tools were telling us to do and what we could do. This Reduce server response time, excuse me, 0.38sec is that not fast enough for Miss Google? Well, send me a rocket please!

Hyper Cache – we had this plugin installed since start up. We tried the W3, but this mixed up quite a few things to the dark side. Hyper Cache it is for us. Get a Cache plugin, does great stuff.

Diego changed more codes, I really downsized the arrows of the homepage and all social media icons showing in the website, in Photoshop. I downsized them to the edge, as small as possible file size. Flea size!

My website has it’s own ip address – called dedicated ip address, this helps a lot as well for the website page speed.


Page speed photograph showing two page speed tools of a website speed when open in a browser

Google insights page speed and GTmetrix page speed site showing the *NOW* page speed of my website


Conclusion of this website page speed project:

Miss Google Insights page speed shows what she feels like it today or tomorrow or next week, in my holy opinion! I never get smart out of her. Sounds familiar to men, I know 😀

GTmetrix shows exactly what you changed for page speed. So we sticked with that one. Simple, because this page speed site shows exactly what to improve and helps much more with suggestions than Miss Google! Well, Miss Google was for me a tad complicated!


Overall what can help you for page speed?

Make your photographs smaller, but stick on quality. Also your social icons, arrows and what ever icons or signs you have on your website. DOWNSIZE them!

      • Get the right plugins to downsize photographs, if you like. Example – WP
      • Get for sure a Cache Plugin to cache your site. Read the reviews of plugins and learn how to set them!
      • Switch off plugins which you need only sometimes in your WordPress!
      • Try to get rid of plugins you do not use or need. Keep the plugin number low.
      • If you have some pocket money left invest into a dedicated ip-address and maybe even to let your site run over a CDN like CloudFlare. This improves your website page speed too.
      • A note on the site. Protect your website against hackers!


What about Retina screens?

How do photographs show on those screens?  – Good grief! “Miss Google, help needed for that kind of Photographers website page speed SEO, PLEASE!”

That’s about it. There are a few more things out there to learn, but we did not try them yet.

You may want to have a look into our website design and WordPress Photoshelter integration!

Have much fun whenever you start this website page speed project. Make sure to have always backup files of your website. A crash can happen fast!

PS. For sure some SEO websites crawlers are running now through my post, grab somehow my e-mail address, yep try that, and will bombard my inbox with all SEO “stuff” to improve my website page speed and SEO. In case you read this, here is the deal. You improve my SEO and I give you 1-2 big prints of my great African wildlife photographs for your office 🙂

Don’t come with such: We bring your website on page one, on position one. I sit there already when you Google my name: Anette Mossbacher!

By Anette Mossbacher

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  1. Actually you don’t need to disable plugins to make your website faster (but of course such a move will be appreciated). To speed up front-end layer of your website you can dequeue scripts and styles. I’m pretty sure you don’t use all of available plugins on each page of your website. There’s solution which can help you disable unwanted CSS/JS: // or here’s function which you can use to unload unwanted resources: //

    • Hi Tomasz, thank you very much for your time to send the info. I will have a look into it for sure. It is always useful 😀
      Wish you a great day

      Ciao Anette

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