Southern Africa

Impressive black rhino stands in grassland in an endless African savannah. A superb sea of orange grass flows harmoniously in the gentle afternoon breeze.

copyright Anette Mossbacher, 17 July, 2023

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This photograph was captured with a Canon EOS-1D X and a lens. The following settings were used:

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Exposure time: 1/1250s
  • ISO: 400
  • Focal Length: 160mm

The original photograph has the following dimensions: 5163 by 3410 pixels (WxH).

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An impressive black rhino stands in grassland with an endless savannah behind. The heat of the African sun is beating down on the prairie. A beautiful sea of orange grass flows harmoniously in the gentle afternoon breeze. All while this black rhino stands peacefully grazing.

As you can see in the rhino photograph, black rhinos have cone-shaped ears. They swivel their ears around in every direction to hear for signs of danger. Their hearing is excellent, which makes up for their incredibly poor eyesight. They occupy a variety of habitats: open plain grassland, savannahs, thickets, and dry forests.

Some interesting facts about black rhinos are:

  • They possess a ‘prehensile,’ meaning hooked, lip for pulling leaves off branches.
  • They run on their toes.
  • Rhinos have thick skin but can still get sunburnt!
  • Black rhinos are the third biggest of the five types of rhinos.
  • They also love eating plants. Up to 220 different kinds! You will often find a black rhino grazing in the grassland.
  • Not all rhinos have two horns. The black, white, and Sumatran rhino has two horns. However, the Javan and famous Indian rhinoceros only have one each.

The densest population of black rhinos lives in Eastern Africa in Tanzania.

The black rhino, Diceros bicornis, is classified as critically endangered on the IUCN red list.

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1 comment for Black Rhino Stands In Grassland

  1. Clare

    Superb photo of this amazing animal, love the way you have captured him in his natural habitat 👏👏

    • Anette Mossbacher

      This black rhinoceros was roaming for a while the African Savannah before he went back into the thick bush. Thanks so much, Clare.

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