Makgadikgadi Salt Pan, Botswana, Africa

Two Meerkats lookout. One adult and one cub are scanning the landscape for predators.

copyright Anette Mossbacher, 8 September, 2020

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This photograph was captured with a Canon EOS-1D Mark III and a lens. The following settings were used:

  • Aperture: ƒ/7.1
  • Exposure time: 1/800s
  • ISO: 1000
  • Focal Length: 110mm

The original photograph has the following dimensions: 2592 by 3888 pixels (WxH).

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The two Meerkats are on the lookout along the vast landscape of the wild bush. They are standing amongst the lush brown shrubbery blending in perfectly. Additionally, the adult Meerkat has darker stripes on the back of its light brown coat of fur. As do all the adult Meerkats. These two cute animals are very busy looking for predators to protect their gang.

Every clan of Meerkats has at least one sentry or lookout watching the horizon for signs of danger. They have incredible vision, and their peripheral vision is also excellent. The darker fur around their eyes reduces the glare from the sun. As tiny as they are, they can spot a predator from 300 meters away!

Although these creatures are incredibly cute and have a curious, friendly nature, do not be fooled! They are quite brave and eat lots of scary little critters. They will consume snakes, spiders, and even scorpions because they are immune to certain types of scorpion and snake venom. Another feature that adds to their survival is long sharp claws to help them dig their burrows.

Meerkats, Suricata suricatta, are in category least concern on the IUCN red list.

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