Photography Tour Japan 2016

Nature and Wildlife Photography Tour Japan 2016


Photography Tour Japan 18-28 February 2016 hosted by Ade Photography with Guest Professional Photographer Anette Mossbacher


The Registration and Detailed Program for the Japan Photography Tour February 2017 is now open. Reserve Your Spot
Come along with us on this winter nature and wildlife photography tour Japan. Improve your photography skills with us! What will await you in winter wonderland? We will travel on this nature and wildlife photography tour through some of the most amazing natural world of Japan. This will give you stunning opportunities to photograph pure nature; beautiful landscape and awesome wildlife in wintertime of Japan. Snow will be present as well the snow monkeys. Their faces full with character while warming themselves in the geo thermal pools. Majestic Red-Crowned Cranes presenting us their love dance ballet on the stage of snow. The audience of the cranes, the foxes, have a closer look at them! We also will visit the Stellar’s Sea Eagles and get the chance to photography White Tailed Eagles. The acrobats of the sky. Masters from flight diving and clutching fish in their talons. The graceful Whooper Swans, surrounded by the unique winter beauty of landscape and encounters with the Ezo Deers.

The winter nature and wildlife photography tour Japan. Tailored to provide you a maximum for your awesome photographic returns. We will be a small group of 6-8 guests with 2 professional photographers on board; Ade Photography and myself. Small groups on photography tours are more flexible. We all know, something catches our interest, the photo tour group decides to stay longer. This can happen pretty fast. With a small photography tour group, we are flexible to do so. Details of the Japan photography tour see below.


Photography tour Japan, snow monkeys taking a bath in the warm thermal pools in Japan

Photo courtesy © AdePhotography


About Wildlife Photographer Ade:

Ade photography is based in Tokyo and a very successful wildlife photographer. He is specialised and travels extensively the northern part of Japan the island Hokkaido. His experience and knowledge about this region is of great advantage. Nevertheless, Ade photography travels all over the globe for his photography with passion and patience for the wildlife. What he says about Japan; the beauty of the Japanese natural world, its wonderful landscapes and awesome wildlife always amazes him every time again ad again.


Photography tour Japan, white tailed eagle fighting with aSeller's sea eagle on ice in Japan

Photo courtesy © AdePhotography


Nature and Wildlife Photography Tour Japan 18-28 February 2016 Detailed Program


Please, do arrive a day earlier, 17th of February 2016 in Tokyo. Your Hotel room at Narita international airport will be ready for you to sleep off any jet lag and tiredness from your travels. Room is included from 17-18 February in your photography tour price. (excluded meals and beverages)

In the evening we will meet all guests in the hotel in Tokyo/Narita airport. We will discuss the photography tour, exposure settings in snow, compositions to give you a good start up for the next day and tour. Every evening on this photography tour we will do a briefing of the day’s photography. Reviewing photographs, AF points selections, shutter speeds, answering questions and more that you get the most out of your photography tour Japan February 2016.

Day 1:

Early morning traveling in a private bus to Nagano the snow monkeys. Full day photographing the snow monkeys. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD (BLD > Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner included)

Day 2:

Full day photographing the snow monkeys while they enjoy and warm up in the geo therm pool. In the evening we are heading back to Tokyo. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Day 3:

Early morning domestic flight to Kushiro in the northern part of Japan. Arrival day and the following 2 days we will be heading out to Akan and Kushiro areas to photograph the majestic Red-Crowned Cranes, the aerobatics White Tailed Eagles, foxes in snow and Ezo Deers. If the roads are not blocked to the Kushiro-shitsugen National Park due to heavy snow fall, we will head over to this beautiful park as well. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Photography Tour Japan, red crowned crane together with a red fox on snow field in Japan

Photo courtesy © AdePhotography

Day 4 & 5:

Full days photographing the Red-Crowned Cranes, White Tailed Eagles and more great wildlife in the area of Akan and Kushiro as we head over to Lake Kussharo. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Day 6:

Full day photographing the Whooper Swans, if conditions permit we will be visiting several locations which have breath taking landscapes surround the lake and animals. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Photography Tour Japan Whooper swans swimming and spreading their wings on lake Kussharo Japan

Photo courtesy © AdePhotography

Day 7:

Early morning photographing the Whooper Swans till mid morning. We will head over to the Shiretoko Peninsula to the fishing town Rausu. We will have a short visit around the lovely town and might get already our first glimpse of Seller’s Sea Eagles, White Tailed Eagles and more. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Day 8 & 9:

3 days early morning wake up calls, boarding the morning boat cruise to find the magnificent Seller’s Sea Eagles and White Tailed Eagles between a fantastic frozen ice world, which gives us some great photographic opportunities. One day we will head over to the Shiretoko National Park. The beautiful landscape and Ezo Deers will give us plenty of opportunities to photograph the beauty of Japans nature. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Photography tour Japan, Seller's sea eagle and white tailed eagle fighting in stunning scenery of pack ice in winter landscape of Japan

Photo courtesy © AdePhotography

Day 10:

Early wake up call, again, sorry. You will have another chance to capture the aerobatics of the Seller’s Sea Eagles and White tailed Eagles in a stunning landscape scenery of ice. Evening – briefing of the day’s photography with photo reviews and more. BLD

Day 11:

This day is reserved for our back up plan! Maybe due to bad weather on a previous day the Seller’s Sea Eagles and White Tailed Eagles had to be canceled, and then we head out that morning again. We will head back to Tokyo in the afternoon to Tokyo Haneda Airport.  This day only breakfast is included in your photography tour. Breakfast only

The photography tour ends in Haneda domestic terminal connected with mono rail to the Haneda international terminal. Please, keep this in mind for your flight arrangements for your home flight!

Duration of the Photography Tour Japan 2016: 18 February – 28 February 2016

Costs: US$ 5950.- per person / single room

Reservation Fee: US$ 1000.-

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Climate: Cold to freezing cold!

Registration ends September 2015 – Photography Tour February 2016 is full.

The opening of the Registration for the Photography Tour February 2017 will be announced shortly.

Payment: Paypal payment invoice will be be sent upon completing the booking form. There is no need to have a Paypal account. Paypal accepts all major credit cards. Please see the Booking Information and Cancellation Fees.

Reserve your spot for this fantastic photography tour Japan 18-28 February, accompanied by two professional nature and wildlife photographers. After your confirmed booking a full detailed list will be send to you with all information you need. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have.

Scheduling your arrival: Please, do make sure that you arrive on the 17 February, a day before your photography tour Japan starts on the 18 February 2016. If you arrive a few days earlier we are able to help you with accommodation.


 What do you need to bring along on your Nature and Wildlife Photography Tour Japan


For your Photography:

          • Passion for wildlife and love to travel – Photography levels – all levels welcome – Newbies or Photography Gurus
          • Lenses for your camera bodies in the range from 16 – 600mm. The minimum tele requires 300mm. If you do not own a tele, there is no need to buy one. There are shops which rent lenses and bodies for reasonable prices.
          • Camera body (film or digital) 2 bodies are highly suggested
          • Hyperdrive or Laptop, external hard drives for photographic files storage


Cloth & Accessories:

          • Thermal clothes, gloves and boots, it will be very cold. The average temperature in Hokkaido will be in single digits to the low 10’s and below freezing. Early mornings and evenings will be very chilly when we are out photographing!
          • Ice cleats bott grips, those are not a must, but they can be very handy in some places.


*Please note, a full detailed list will be sent to you with your confirmed booking


 What is included and what not in your Nature and Wildlife photography Tour Japan 2016


Included in your photography tour price Japan:

          • All accommodation and meals during the tour from day 1 -10. Day 11 breakfast will be included.
          • Domestic flights  – Tokyo Haneda to Hokkaido and return
          • Charter bus for transfers within Hokkaido and Nagano for the entire trip. There is ample space for all.
          • All admission fees / boat fees


Your accommodations on your photography tour Japan:

          • Western style hotels, comfy Japanese hotels and inns
          • accommodation twin sharing, single supplement upon request (additional costs will apply, see booking form)
          • Please, do keep us informed for any dietary needs in the booking form when filling out. Thank you


Exclusions on your photography tour price:

          • Your international flight / transportation to and from Narita / Haneda International Airport
          • Hotel costs prior start and after the photography tour Japan February 2016
          • Your travel and medical insurance, hospitalisation if necessary
          • Visa fees, if applicable, costs for passport
          • Items of personal nature, like: phone calls, internet use (some places offer free wifi), laundry…etc.
          • Tips & gratuities, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, any kind of drinks, snacks, souvenirs,


What insurance you should have for your photography tour Japan:

          • Please, make sure to have an insurance for your medical coverage over the full time for your photography tour Japan
          • Travel insurance
          • Camera equipment insurance


Information for personal care:

          • On this photography tour we will be traveling rural Japan. Please, bring enough of any of your medication along you need
          • If you suffer of any breathing difficulties or health issues in extreme cold environments, please seek medical advice before booking
          • Please, check that all your vaccinations are up to date
          • Motion sickness and sea sickness medication, if needed! We do not want that your great photography tour Japan will be spoilt!

Group size: 6-8 guests, we will have a small group to be flexible. We never know if something captures our interest and we decide to stay longer on location!

Nature and Landscape Photography Workshops / Tours we offer:

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We offer Nature Photography Workshops and Photo Tours tailored to your needs.
By Anette Mossbacher

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