Arctic Wildlife Photographs

Arctic Wildlife Photographs Capture An Enchanting Icy World In The Arctic

That is a frozen, remote region, filled with miles of floating pack ice, offering a playground for exotic creatures. It is the home of the polar bear, the walrus, and the lovable penguins. Through the lens, I capture unique photographs of these rare creatures. Indeed, many of my photos have won prestigious Photography awards. Undoubtedly, all offer the viewer a fascinating insight into this lonely, snow-filled world.

Arctic Wildlife Photography – Majestic Polar Bear

Polar bears are one of the highest loved species on earth. But, they are undoubtedly under severe threat from climate change. They live where the sea ice meets the water. That allows them to feed on seals, which make up a large part of their diets. Inevitable, a photograph of a lone polar bear under a massive glacier gives a breathtaking idea of the size of these ice mountains. Then, we have a stunning photo of a polar bear standing at the edge of a rock. Its snow-white coat is in stark contrast to the black stone. Indeed, the perfect animal photograph to finish off a modern black and white themed room.

Choose a photograph of a polar bear sleeping under the full moon. It is altogether perfect for a cozy room. The heart-melting photo of a polar bear standing on an ice pack. The sky above is a fiery orange and gold.

Walruses That Weigh A Ton

Indeed, this is not a joke. The massive walrus does weigh a ton. Some grow to 3.5m in length and weigh 1500kg. Both the male and female have enormous tusks. They use them to haul themselves out of the water onto the sea ice. They also use their large teeth to defend themselves. My Arctic Wildlife Photographs collection offers a fabulous choice of walrus photographs. See them in the icy water swimming as a herd. Then, see them relaxing on the rocks as the sun sets below the horizon.

In reality, teens love spooky photographs. An eerie scene of a walrus skull wakes curiosity. Through the eye holes, we see a field of moss, rocks, and flowers. An emphatical design to delight! The Arctic is the Walrus Kingdom. But, you are welcome to invite them into your home. Mix and match the photographs to create a wow look on a wall with smaller prints. Or hang one larger print as a statement piece in a den or family room.

Arctic Wildlife Photographs For Business Use

In conclusion, do you require stock photos of unique Arctic wildlife photography for social media campaigns or promotional brochures? Perhaps you want to create a unique product packaging? The Arctic Wildlife photographs offer a fantastic choice. Undeniably, they will impress your business clients. Do you need any assistance? Please contact me. I will happily help you. More information about myself you find on my about page.