Australian Wildlife Photographs

Heading Down Under To Australia

Excitement certainly mounts as I prepare to explore the amazing birdlife that exists on this intriguing continent. After all, everyone is familiar with the adorable Koala Bear and the Kangaroo! But, here is a fascinating look at some extraordinary creatures.

Meet The Colorful Rainbow Lorikeet

Traveling along the Eastern Seaboard from northern Queensland to South Australia, bird watchers can find the colorful Rainbow Lorikeet. Choose a bright and fun photographic print to uplift your home or entertainment area. The Rainbow Lorikeet is in bold colors, framed by contrasting grey foliage. Subsequently, a perfect scene for nature lovers. Maybe you are looking for a serene scene to calm your mind after a busy day? The beautiful sulfur-crested cockatoo we find in the wooded regions of Australia. This imposing bird we know for its unique crest of yellow feathers on top of its head. Despite the peaceful scene, this bird has a piercingly loud shriek, that indeed gave the photographer quite a start!

The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

Furthermore, do you know that the Cassowary Bird, native to north-eastern Australia, is sometimes called the World’s most dangerous bird? This exotic creature stands 1.5 - 2 meters / 4.9 - 6.5 feet tall and has distinctive red and blue colors on its neck and head. They can become extremely aggressive. Occasionally, been known to kick men or animals to death. Accordingly, I am aware! Admire him on a photograph and not close-up per foot.

The Ultimate Angry Bird!

Are you searching for a unique and fun gift for a friend with a sense of humor? This adorable White Capped Noddy has an authentic angry look! Accordingly, she glares at the lens with beady eyes. However, in reality, she is quite harmless. This photograph makes a great birthday present. Correspondingly, it is also ideal for a monochrome-themed room, perfect for blending in with the black and white tones. In the same way, creating an awe-inspiring sight is the Red-Tailed Tropicbird. She mesmerizes the eye, swooping down from the high cliffs in search of a tasty meal. This bird offers a surprisingly beautiful contrast of a snow-white body, a black mask, and a bright red bill.

Choose Australia Wildlife Photographs

Fill your home with the joy of nature, photo prints. Australian wildlife photographs are bold, colorful, and also eye-catching. They are ideal for bringing a touch of life into your entrance hall, entertainment area, enclosed patio, or den. Mix and match and create an eye-catching gallery wall. Furthermore, all my Australian Wildlife photographs are undoubtedly perfect for commercial use. They can be purchased as Stock Photographs and used in presentations. Above all, they are great for social media campaigns and enhancing websites. So, get ahead of your opposition and attract new business!

Lastly, Do You Need More Information?

In conclusion, do you need more information on particular Australian Wildlife Photographs? Do not hesitate to contact me. I am the eye behind the lens. In short, I am more than happy to chat with you.