Portfolio of baobab photographs. That tree is a longevity tree, also nearly the most famous tree in Africa. That tree lives in really unique places in Africa. Please explore unique places and spots where this tree hides. Undoubtedly these trees uplift your soul as a photographic print on your wall. Also, we call that tree the upside-down tree, as it seems they would grow upside-down. Its trunk and top look like it is growing upside-down. A baobab tree only blooms a short time of the year. It is producing a sizeable nutrient-dense fruit which used in various ways for food. Indeed it is highly productive with essential vitamins like vitamin C & B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It produces fruit in the dry season. Therefore it is also known as a tree of life. In our baobab photographs portfolio, you can license and purchase photographic prints.