Black Rhino

Here you can view a collection of my best black rhino photographs. It is also known as hook-lipped rhinoceros and is a species native to eastern and southern Africa. Despite its name, it can vary in color from brown to grey and is distinguished from the white rhino by its hooked upper lip. Its upper lip points to plug leaves and fruit from branches. The black rhino is a solitary and elusive animal that inhabits a variety of habitats, from the African savannah to dense forests. These amazing animals grow two horns. Males use their horns in battles with other rhinos or animals. Also, females use their horns to protect their calves, of course.

The Elusive Black Rhino

Undeniably, poachers hunt them for horns. These elusive wild animals are critically endangered, with populations declining drastically over the past century. That dilemma is due to habitat loss and poaching for their valuable horn.

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