Portfolio of spectacular iceberg photographs. A unique insight into the lonely frozen sailers of the Arctic and Antarctica. Especially photographic prints are eye-catching pieces. Indeed, they let every eye wander to discover the colossus. How enormous is the ice under the water surface?

You find them massive and small floating in the Arctic sea. Icebergs are more significant than 5 meters we consider as an iceberg. Greenland’s glaciers are calving during summertime. The large break-offs are the icebergs. A calm sea, no wind, and they beautifully reflect on the water surface.

They are floating in all shapes and forms. With domes and spires, we call them non-tabular. Steep sides and flat tops, we call them tabular. Occasionally they flip in the water, which generates large waves. In our portfolio, you can license and purchase a photographic print.