Browse my South African Penguin photographs collection, which shows the animals’ natural habitat. The funny flightless birds always smile at us. Can they really not fly? No, but a penguin jumps over a gap or down from large boulders. This portfolio includes humorous, unusual photographs, such as jumping penguins and swimming in the ocean or welcoming you to enter a passage between two large rocks and posing just for you.

There are no photos proofing that these birds can fly. It only looks like that underwater when a penguin is swimming. Indeed, such a streamlined body makes penguins fast swimmers of all bird species. They are swimming at about 35 kilometers / 22 miles fast. That is pretty quick for a bird. Especially when catching the food, they need to be fast. They are carnivores, eating a variety of marine mammals. Furthermore, their eyes work underwater much better as out of the water. Of course, they also need to spot their prey in cloudy or murky water. You can purchase a image license or wall art photo prints of my photos of the South African penguins in their habitat.