The Snow photographs portfolio will certainly send pleasant icy shivers down your spine! These impressive photographs capture beautiful wildlife and landscapes, specifically covered explicitly in white. As such, in the Arctic, Anette captures impressive photographs of frozen glaciers in calm blue waters. Also, see them in the fiery glow of red sunsets. Correspondingly, there are equally beautiful photographs of Polar bears on icebergs.

In Asia, Anette finds adorable Snow Monkeys. They live in freezing conditions. Given this, they have become particularly smart. Because of this, they warm themselves in the naturally heated pools! In conclusion, it also adds a dramatic finish to a wall. Such as choosing a fabulous photographic print of a White-Tailed Eagle. Without a doubt, he creates an imposing scene, with wings spread wide as he lands on the snowy ground. All our snow photographs you can buy as an image license and purchase as a canvas wall art print.