Arctic Circle

The frozen landscapes of the Arctic Circle make stunning photographs that will delight any nature lover. From polar bears to towering icebergs, these scenes bring us closer to a remote, unforgiving, beautiful, and surreal world. Emphatically, they offer a unique insight into a land where very few ventures.
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Fantastic shapes of white cliffs tower into the sky. See icebergs set against a midnight blue background. Then, see icebergs set against a fiery red, orange, and gold sunset. Also, mix and match with dark storm clouds to undoubtedly create a dramatic mood in your living space.

Lonely Polar Bears

All love Polar bears. But, their numbers are under threat from climate change. These beautiful creatures offer fabulous photograph opportunities, Anette holds awards for her Arctic Wildlife photographs. Subsequently, a photo of a lone polar bear in the dark with a full moon will take your breath away. A polar bear standing alone on floating ice drifts shows the vastness of this harsh landscape. Enormous, dangerous, but oh-so-adorable! Choose Arctic circle photographs of a walrus herd swimming in the icy waters. Additionally, see them relaxing on the rugged rocky coast. Teens love spooky photos. Indeed, a walrus skull lying on a field of moss, rocks, and flowers will thrill.

Amazing Photographs For Upmarket Offices

Impress your clients, vendors, and business associates. In short, decorate your office reception and meeting rooms with exquisite Arctic Circle fine art photo prints. They are rare and beautiful, and accordingly, show off your unique style. However, if you prefer something less cold, how about browsing our portfolio of Desert photographs?