Global Journey

As much as I enjoy capturing photographs of wildlife and landscapes, people are also an integral part of this journey. Crossing the globe from the Arctic to Asia, Africa, and the continents in between, I have created a fantastic collection of Global Journey photographs.

The Dry Red Deserts & Surreal Salt Pans Of White

In the Naukluft National Park, Namibia, tourists look like tiny dots as they climb the fiery-red dunes. Similarly, the excellent photographs of Deadvlei. Here, tourists walk beside a massive dead tree with the dunes as a backdrop. In a no-mans land of white salt, Jeep tracks show that there are some brave enough to venture here. In short, these incredible travel photographs are ideal for magazines, brochures, and commercial presentations. Photographic prints make an excellent gift for any occasion. Consequently, choose them for a birthday, wedding gift, or anniversary as a fine art photographic print.

Experience Ice And Snow

Undeniably, venturing into the Arctic requires knowledge and skill. The Global Journey collection offers stunning photographs of tourists walking next to the towering snow-white icy glaciers. In the Swiss Alps, we see a helicopter in the middle of a wintry landscape. Another photograph shows a tranquil sunset scene, with five men rowing in a lifeguard boat.

Create Your Global Journey Photographs

Indeed, seeing people in these stunning settings will undoubtedly motivate you to get involved. In short, why not contact me and find out about my photographic tours? They combine fun, travel, and professional workshops. Subsequently, you will visit exotic locations and learn how to take perfect photographs. All in all, while creating lifetime memories! If you have any questions regarding travel photos, please contact me. More information about my stock photos for sale and about myself.