Indeed, the law of nature that rules the wild. The portfolio of predators photographs captures these majestic creatures in rare and beautiful settings. Everything is quiet and peaceful. The gentle impalas drink at the waterhole. Then suddenly the air changes and panic starts! A giant lioness bursts out from the bushes and corners, an unsuspecting prey. The herd flees, but one unlucky impala becomes dinner for the pride.

From Lions To Leopards To Polar Bears

Undoubtedly, fine art photographic prints of lions, cheetahs, leopards, and Bengal tigers always make an impact. Whether you mount in your home or office, they will undoubtedly become a talking point. See a leopard relaxing high up in the branches of a tree. Also, a lioness stalks through the grass. A lone lion stands majestically in the light of the moon. Specifically, close-ups of predators make fabulous gifts. They are ideal for teen rooms and Dad’s den. Polar Bears are also predators. They hunt for seals and feed on the carcasses of whales. See my award-winning photographs of the apex predator featuring polar bears. They are magnificent, with white furry bodies that contrast dramatically against the black rocks. Also, see photographs of polar bears under the full moon, indeed designed to send shivers down your spine.

Predators From Across The World

I am traveling the globe from Africa to the Arctic to Asia, capturing these rare photographs. Consequently, they bring unique fine art photographic prints into your living and workspace. Choose them for personal or professional use. Also, browse other portfolios for more beautiful photographic prints –  Seashore, Desert, Birds, and more. Drop me an email with any questions you may have. I am happy to help you.