Tree & Flora

Discover my tree and flora photography contains beautiful fine art photographs, which undoubtedly uplift your soul. They put your mind at ease. Though you choose them for your living space, and you will surely bring a touch of nature into your home. They are ideal prints for an entrance hall, a bedroom, guest room, or entertainment area. Lastly, they add a personal touch to your exclusive hideaway. To that end, view the breathtaking portfolio of trees and flora photographs that will suit any mood or décor of your home or office.

Solitary Acacia Trees

Stark tree photography of lone acacia trees will undoubtedly be conversation starters. See these dark trees against a fiery red dune, or, standing in a surreal white clay pan. Then, for a unique view, hang a fabulous photograph of a Quiver tree. Its branches are pointing into the clear blue sky.

Tree Of Life – Baobab Tree

The last rays of sunshine of the day illuminate a Baobab tree. It stands between the smooth looking waterfalls, which actually were rushing down the cliffs. The waterfall appears smooth due to extended exposure time. Amazingly, the tree of life grows on this small rocky outcrop in the middle of the strong water currents. This tree image looks bets as an acrylic print. It shows the depth of the valley in near 3-D.

In Malaysia, I captured a beautiful moment! See a bold red Hibiscus, floating amongst contrasting white and blue blossoms, in a terracotta pot. Undoubtedly, a must-have for your outdoor patio. Then, choose a delicate Cyperus Papyrus. It bends down into the water in a river in the Okavango Delta. Alternatively, a beautiful scene of a snow-white Cockatoo, sitting in a tree surrounded by lush, yellow flowers, will delight the eye.

Photographs Of Trees Are Ideal For Commercial Use

In general, trees and flora photographs make colorful backdrops for advertising posters and brochures. Likewise, they are suitable for outdoor commercial billboards. In conclusion, pair with Bird Photographs to create a natural wonder! For any questions you may have, please contact me.