The mighty Tusker, the elephant, is the largest walking animal on Earth. Emphatically, these gentle giants symbolize strength and power. Moreover, they are known for a long lifespan, stamina, mental toughness, a helpful spirit, and loyalty. Without a doubt, many people around the world treasure their collections of elephant photographs. As such, here is a stunning portfolio of beautiful tusker photographs. In essence, to add to a group, or, how about starting a new one?

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Mighty African Elephants

Anette captures fascinating photographs of African elephants. Choose a lone male. He is dusting his body with dirt as a sunscreen against the harsh climate. In contrast, when the herd finds water, they are more than happy to play and cool off. Then, for an adorable scene, an elephant with a group of impalas makes a unique gift. Also, teen boys will love elephants fighting on the dusty plains. Admittedly, for a new entertainment area, dark silhouettes of elephants set against a fiery red sunset is a must-have.

Pygmy Elephants In Borneo

The adorable Pygmy elephants are the smallest of the Asian elephants. They have a cute baby-face with large ears and plump bellies. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a unique way to decorate a baby nursery, Pygmy Elephants make a fun choice. See them in the lush tropical rainforests eating palm leaves. Or, taking a stroll! Traveling in Asia, Anette finds the imposing Asian Elephants. Mix and match these photographs to create a gallery-style wall. Equally perfect for your home or workspace. In conclusion, do you want a new variety? Please, browse our website for bird photographs and seashore photographic prints. If you have any questions, please contact Anette. She gladly will help you further.