Up Close & Personal

With that photograph portfolio, I would like to inspire you to get Up Close and Personal with wildlife. Indeed, something that very few people can do! See how the details in these incredible photographs show you the mystery as well as the story. Moreover, they allow you to see how wild animals look close-up.

The Eye Of The Tiger Or Lioness

Undoubtedly looking into the Eye of a Tiger gives you goosebumps. Consequently, these marvelous photographs make great motivational gifts and awards for great achievements. They say eyes are the window to the soul. So, maybe you even can explore a bit of their personality. In the same way, get a fantastic personal look at the tusks of elephants. Sadly, hunted for their extraordinary value. See wrinkles on their trunks and grey hides, covered with dust to protect against the sun. Look closely and discover old and new battle wounds. Subsequently, you will become part of this mystical world.

Undoubtedly, flowers delight the eye and the soul. Choose stunning close-ups of a bold red Hibiscus. Or, a delicate papyrus plant bending into the water. Black and white aloes make a trendy wall hanging in a city apartment. For a little girl’s bedroom, a beautiful butterfly adds the perfect finishing touch.

Discovery Mysteries In Close Up Photographs

People love to discover, and Close-Up photographs bring the mystery of wildlife into your home. Indeed, they make impressive personal gifts. In short, they are also a great way to treat yourself to something special! Do you need more information? Please contact me, I will be happy to help you with any questions you have. All images are also available for photo licensing