Powerful Wildlife Photographs With Feng Shui Secrets

Wildlife Photographs with exceptional Feng Shui Secrets

In the traditional or classical Feng Shui schools, it has been a known practice to use symbols as placement. That activates and enhances energy in certain areas of the home or office. Many re-known Feng Shui masters in the world have been using different symbols for various purposes, including wildlife photographs as wall art prints. That is because animals are a representation of multiple aspects of life. And knowing the symbolic meaning will lead you to understand the hidden Feng Shui. That message can create and bring auspicious Feng Shui to you. Symbolic Feng Shui is powerful. It works because when it is rightly placed, it can promote the specific energy needed for your home. The placement of symbolic Feng Shui connects with the subconscious level of the mind. The stronger the connection with these symbols, the more you like it, the more powerful it becomes for you.


Has a B&W fine art wildlife photograph feng shui?

An elegant wildlife black and white wall art print of an African elephant’s tusks. That compelling wildlife photo print represents the silent power of strength in Feng Shui.

“Invoke the power of an elephant when you need to stand strong, but remain compassionate.”

This saying is particularly true, and you can see it in this remarkable portrait of the African elephant bull. That majestic animal has a royalty and divinity charisma. Its humble head is hiding a silent power of strength, determination, and wisdom. An Elephant is also the symbol of mental strength, patience, and awakening.

Hang this elegant wildlife black and white wall art photo print of the elephant portrait near your home entrance to enhance good luck, stability, strength, kindness, and vitality. Explore more of our Black and White Photography of wild animals.

Lions do not have to roar

Impressive wildlife black and white wall art print of this majestic lion standing in the African Savannah. That lion fine art photograph is from Anette’s limited edition prints collection.

Not many would imagine that a lion is actually not a primitive animal. Its image and belief spanned as early as the Han dynasty, perhaps. It is believed that the travelers to China have brought stories and illustrated an extravaganza image of the lion as the Buddhist protectors of Dharma. Since then, the symbol of a lion is integrated into the Feng Shui schools for placement purposes.

What represents a lion photograph in Feng Shui?

The lion, we often call the King of the Jungle, signifies courage, leadership, strength, bravery, and pride in the western world. While in the Feng Shui term, lion manifest protection, peace, justice, stability, and prosperity. That impressive animal also often stands for honor, respect, and power. The strong willpower of a lion bestows self-confidence and assertiveness. A lion is the symbol of the sun. Hence it harnesses vibrant yang and graceful energy into a home. In Feng Shui placement, a lion is also seen as the symbol of wisdom, superiority, and authority.

It is highly recommended to invite this phenomenal and exceptional wildlife black and white wall art print into the office. The African lion photo print will symbolize strength, leadership, protection, respect, wisdom, and courage. That will give an extra boost of self-confidence and graceful yang energy in the children’s bedroom. An important tip that the lion photograph is not directly facing the kid’s bed.

“Lions don’t have to roar. There is power in silence, confidence, and persistence.”
By Les Brown

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What symbolic meaning has a rhino in Feng Shui?

The elusive black rhino, a beautiful wildlife wall art print of this rare animal standing in the African Savannah. That wildlife Photograph represents the ultimate protection in Feng Shui. This rhino photograph would look fantastic as an acrylic photo print.

Have you ever thought about the symbolic meaning of an elusive black rhino? Well, we all know that rhinos are strong, endangered, and sometimes rather aggressive animals.

In Feng Shui schools of placement, rhinos are the ultimate symbol of protection against loss! Any kind of loss. For example, this animal offers protection against enemies, accidents, robbery, betrayal, and competitors, to name a few. It is also a belief to bring protection against office politics. And the black color is also the symbolic color of water, blue. According to Classical Feng Shui, black rhinos offer plenty of protection if you know where to place them in your home.

It is recommended to place this wildlife photography print in the center of the home as well as in the center of your office space. Therefore, this stunning photograph of a black rhino in the savannah provides agility, resilience, stability, and confidence to the beholder. Explore more pictures for sale of wildlife on my website.

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African elephant with enormous tusks

The Feng Shui elephant. An African elephant with enormous tusks is strolling the African bush. An elephant symbolizes protection, strength, peace, and intelligence.

Once upon a time in India, the elephant has been the symbol of a spiritual scared animal that is powerful, strong, and loving. In Hinduism, it is seen as Lord Ganesh, who brings wealth, success, and wisdom. That remains a firm belief and practice until today. In Feng Shui, many masters have adopted this practice and use wildlife photographs of elephants in Feng Shui placement. The Feng Shui elephant symbolizes protection, strength, peace, and intelligence. Take a closer look at this mighty yet gentle creature. You will see humility and love in its eyes. Therefore, an elephant is also said to be a symbol of femininity and fertility.

This magnificent African elephant wall art print is the right choice to have in your home, especially near the main door. Standing proud and firm bestow stability, strength, and silent power. This formidable being is also said to bring happiness into your home. Besides, the scenery that compliments the elephant is highly promising, with mountains in the background and surrounded by lush greens that bring a positive balance of yin and yang energy.

An ancient proverb goes, “Place an elephant at your home to ward off ill fortune.”

7 whooper swans fly together

Whooper swans flying together in a flock showing their elegance and unity. These wild animals keep a remarkable formation in their flight. This image of Whooper swans looks awesome on a large fine art canvas photo print.

In general, birds have been a symbol that brings compelling new opportunities, according to classical Feng Shui. This gorgeous and mesmerizing wildlife photograph of a flock of whooper swan flying together brings an abundance of prosperity, opportunities, and good luck. It demonstrates elegance, love, unity, and loyalty.

Whooper swans are among the most attractive and gorgeous looking birds to have as wildlife wall art prints. Their distinguished reputation and calmness bring peace and balanced energy to the home. It is also the bird of love, purity, and happiness. Swans mate for life. Commitment and devotion are essential symbolic features of a happy and eternal marriage or relationship. In Feng Shui practice, swans represent air and water elements, meaning a symbol of eternal life (longevity).

Look closer, and you will notice seven swans are flying together. The number seven is considered a lucky number for relationships. According to Feng Shui, seven represents the combination of yin, yang, and the five elements (water, fire, earth, metal, and wood). Meaning there is harmony in this beautiful wildlife photograph.

A flock of graceful whooper swan flying above the mountains cultivate a connection with kindness and beauty, definitely a bird photograph to invite into your home.

2 African elephants represent excellent Feng Shui

Two African elephants play together in a river in the Okavango Delta. Feng Shui advises using wildlife photograph prints of real animals rather than paintings. This image looks brilliant as a metal photo print.

Elephants, by nature, are rather playful and fun. Aside from its many great symbolism of excellent Feng Shui, a pair of elephants in the water is exceptional and highly promising. In Feng Shui, we like to use a perfect wildlife photograph print. Like this pair of African elephants in the river with one trunk up and the animal has its trunk down. When the trunk is up, it is said to bring victory, prosperity, and an abundance of wealth luck. When the trunk is down, that brings wisdom and knowledge, good luck, and energy to overcome obstacles.

Today, it is challenging to capture a pair of elephants like the one in this wildlife photo print as wall art. It is advised in Feng Shui to use real wild animal photographs rather than paintings. That activates the symbolic meaning that brings positive and excellent Feng Shui to a home.

That excellent article about powerful wildlife photographs with Feng Shui secrets was written by my dear friend S.L.C. Read also her post about the hidden secrets of Feng Shui in landscape photographs.

Explore the Tree of Life, a Baobab tree between waterfalls. In Feng Shui, the Baobab tree shows strength to provide stability and resilience to the rough environment.

Please, feel free to use the comment section below for any questions or comments you may have about Feng Shui secrets in wildlife photography.

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