Art Prints in Homes

Landscape & Wildlife Photography Fine Art Prints In Your Homes


Anette Mossbacher is an internationally acclaimed landscape and wildlife photographer. Her landscape and wildlife photography fine art prints graces walls in homes, offices and hotels on every continent.
The power and drama of the natural world, form the plains of Africa to the polar bears of the Arctic to the scorching heat of the Australian outback, Anette has brought the world to homes everywhere. It’s time to bring her work into your home.

Fine Art Prints In Your Homes

In the gallery below, we feature some of the homes where her landscape and wildlife photo prints have been added to the décor.

Each piece, whether limited edition prints or not, is available online and shipped directly to you via courier. You can purchase photo prints as high-quality canvas wall décor, along with other premium photo print finishes online.

      • Landscape Photography prints are for sale as premium paper photo print or as ready to hang wall decor products, like landscape canvas wall art wrap and much more.
      • Aluminium Dibond direct photo print, fine art canvas wrap prints and premium paper prints under matte acrylic glass are ready to hang straight out of the box on your wall. Aluminium Dibond and canvas wrap prints are perfect for large photo prints.
      • Wooden frames and other framing finishes are available.

The massive variety of the colors, images, and emotions that Anette’s work portrays lends itself to every décor from ultra-modern to Victorian to Scandinavian traditional styles. Each picture has been hand-selected by Anette and her team to be the ideal photo, suitable for printing and framing.

The Limited Edition Art Photography Prints are both a great investment and a work of art. Each piece / photo print, once it has reached its sale number limit, is permanently retired.

For decorating your home, an office or a home office, these pieces are outstanding. The calming power of nature combined with the drama and power of the earth and its creatures is the ideal picture for any space.

Please contact us today to learn more about these and all of our pieces.

Nature, Landscape and Wildlife Photography Fine Art Prints in Homes and Offices


Landscape large photo print of the DeadVlei pan in Namibia, the print hangs above the sofa in a living room               wildlife photography fine art print of an African Lion black and white photograph. This art on the wall hangs in a wonderful living room            Landscape photo print of a Polar Bear sitting on an iceberg in the Arctic sea. Many icebergs float in the sea


Landscape canvas print of the Arctic sunrise in Svalbard in the open sea. Abstract motion blur photograph               wildlife photography fine art prints, a black and white photograph of an African Elephant. It is standing on a shelf in the entrance of a home              Landscape and wildlife photography fine art prints, art prints, night pictures of an African elephant and one photo print with a Black Rhino standing at a waterhole in Africa


Wildlife photo print of a Cheetah sitting in grassland, the photo hangs above a sofa in a nice decorated living room in Africa               Landscape large fine art print of a Lighthouse Offshore at the coast of Brittany, France. The large print hangs above a sofa in a living room              Landscape wildlife photo print of a Polar Bear standing on an iceberg in the middle of package in the Arctic nature at sunset


Fauna photo print of a Papyrus plant hanging in a bathroom above the bath tub               Nature fine art photography print in homes, natural salt pan print hanging in the reception of an office              Landscape photograph print of the Epupa Falls in Namibia hanging above the bed in a bedroom to enhance the room

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I as well offer Photo workshops and Photo Tours. Also private organised photo tours tailored just for you and your needs world-wide.

By Anette Mossbacher