Rhinoceros Hornbill Flying

Rhinoceros Hornbill flying over Kinabatang river – Borneo

Rhinoceros hornbill birds are one of the largest hornbills. They can grow up to a size of 90 – 120cm and weight about 2 – 4kg. Their habitat range spreads over Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Singapore and southern Thailand. The Rhinoceros Hornbills are classified as Near Threatened through the IUCN Red List. I was lucky that I saw a rhinoceros hornbill flying above the jungle in Borneo. The photograph below you can find in my bird photography gallery to see it in a larger version.


Rhinoceros Hornbill Flying With Wide Spread Wings And Tail

Rhinoceros hornbill flying, bird flying over the Kinabatang river, in rainforest of Borneo. Wings & feathers spread, adult animal, behind sky, Malaysia (Anette Mossbacher)

The female lays her eggs inside a tree trunk and stays as long till the chicks are fully feathered and old enough. The male Hornbill will close the hole in the tree with mud after the female has laid the eggs. He only leaves a little opening in the entrance to the nest. This he will use to feed the female and later on as well the chicks. The State Sarawak of Malaysia has the Rhinoceros bird as their State bird.

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By Anette Mossbacher