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Nature Stock Photos From The World For Your World

For your website, print projects, or social media, there are few things that stand out as wonderfully as a nature photograph. Animals in the wild, the beauty of a natural landscape, or the creations of man from around the world can enhance any project.
Step away from the same stock photos that everyone else sells and put photos into your work that are distinctive and memorable.

At Anette Mossbacher, We Offer Hundreds Of Photo Fine Art Prints And Nature Stock Photos For Sale

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Stock images are available for immediately download.
Canvas art prints and much more photo prints material are created just for you and shipped to you right away.

The Uses Of Stock Photos

Ultra-high quality stock photos are an asset to every marketer or business owner.
You can use great natural stock photos in many ways:

            • Web design
            • Social media posts
            • Print Objects
            • Online advertising
            • Email marketing
            • Much more


Top Quality Canvas Print Of Nature Photographs

For every office and every home, there is a need for arts on the walls. Even if you work in a home office, you need works of art to keep your space visually interesting.
Our professional nature, wildlife, and travel images are perfect for nearly any space. These neutral subjects can complement a space without necessarily making a statement.
There is a nearly unlimited variety of color schemes available in natural images. From famous man-made landmarks to powerful images of the earth’s great predators, these are photographs that can make every space dramatic and interesting.

The Whole World In My Lens

I have traveled the world taking pictures and bringing them back to you. From Botswana in Africa to Japan to the Arctic, my camera and I have tried to record some of the world’s most amazing sights.
One of my focuses has been the breath-taking diversity of wildlife that share the planet with us. From rhinos on the African savannah to polar bears on Arctic ice, I have tried convey the power of our planetary co-habitants.
My name is Anette Mossbacher and I want to be your first thought when you are crafting a visual message or decorating a space. My passion is my photography. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Details On Nature Stock Photos

The majority of our landscape and wildlife photography images in our archive are available for your immediate high resolution download with a stock photo rights managed or royalty free license. The website has an integrated stock photos sale quote for the pricing of nature and wildlife stock photographs.

When you have decided to buy stock photos online, for your direct download, click the “Buy Stock / Prints” button located above the image. This will open a pop-up window for you with the “Download Tab”. In the pop-up window you can select your usage regions, your usage terms, size, circulation and the time. The price of the stock photo license you have chosen will be shown on the right hand side including the Usage Terms.

It is also available to download single nature stock photos or a full wildlife stock photos gallery in smaller file sizes for your use. New nature stock photos uploads are constantly updated; African wildlife, Arctic nature, landscape long exposure images, travel stock photos, and more. The RSS feed for your immediate notification about new stock photos sale uploads of nature, landscape, travel and wildlife stock photographs.

Examples Of Stock Images Used In Advertisement And Editorial, Like Magazines

Nature Stock photos sale, buy photos online, African lioness advertisement, stalking lion with advertisement text in photo            Nature Stock Photos sale, on a double page of magazine, tourists climbing up a red sand dune in Namibia. Buy stock photos online            Stock photos sale, stock image of beach huts used for their company advertisement

Nevertheless, if there are stock images in the nature and wildlife galleries, which are not set up with a pricing profile, or stock photos you are looking for, please do contact us for availability. All high-resolution nature, landscape, travel and wildlife stock photos for download are with color profile Adobe 1998 available in Tiff or Jpg.


Buying Stock Photos In The Nature Photography Galleries

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If you don’t have a free PhotoShelter account, your added images to the Lightboxes will be temporary stored for 24 hours. With a free PhotoShelter account the stock images, you choose will be stored as long you wish in your account.

      • Do I need a PhotoShelter Account for Buying Stock Images?

For downloading and to buy nature stock photos a Free PhotoShelter account is needed. If you do not have an account yet with PhotoShelter, you will be prompted on your way to “Checkout” to create a free account with Photoshelter.

      • You Want To Change The Image To Download In Your Cart

No problem at all. Buy pictures online – in your “Shopping Cart,” you will see the “Change” and “Remove” button. To change the same stock image to a different size or terms click “Change”. You will be presented again with the same window “Add to Cart” which you chose earlier from your stock image. Make your new selection for that stock image and proceed with the “Add to Cart” button. When clicking the “Remove” button the item will be cleared from your Shopping Cart.


Payments are made securely with credit card via Stripe in our website or bank transfer to buy stock photos online. Your credit card information won’t be stored. The stock photos sale online will be charged in US Dollars. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information to finalize your purchase of your stock photos. Using bank transfer, you will receive an invoice from us for your records in US Dollars, Swiss Franc, Euro and British Pounds. Please do contact us, if you prefer bank transfer to buy stock photos online.

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If you wish to enquire about stock photos or photography assignments, please do contact us for further details. We are available for worldwide commissions and photography assignments. We will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.