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Stock Photography – How You Can Legally Lease the Use of Anette’s Photographs!


Lease Anette’s Wildlife, Landscape, and Nature Photography Immediately Online

All aspects of nature photography, including wildlife and landscapes, lend themselves very well to communicating a universal message. By using our stock photography leasing option, you can utilize Anette’s amazing photography for your commercial or editorial project. This includes websites!

Leasing stock photography from Anette is an inexpensive alternative that will make your project standout from your competitors!

Step away from the overused stock photography that everyone sees. That is money wasted.

Make your work distinctive and memorable with Anette’s unique approach to visual communication!

The Stock Photography Library at Anette Mossbacher Photography includes:

      • Wildlife in the natural environment
      • Landscape photographs from around the globe
      • Unique and stunning skyscapes
      • Exotic travel photography that you can’t find anywhere else
      • Adventure photography that creates drama and awe in a viewer
      • Seasonal photographs from around the world

Anette Mossbacher stock photography photographs can be immediately downloaded!

Stock Photography Used in Advertising and Editorial Production – Communicates a Powerful Message


Wildlife Stock photography sale, buy online, African lioness advertisement, stalking lion with advertisement text in photo
Anette Mossbacher photography sale, on a double page of magazine, tourists climbing up a red sand dune in Namibia. A stock photographs bought for this tutorial
Stock photos sale, stock photograph of beach huts used for their company advertisement


Using Anette Mossbacher’s Stock Photography – Here’s the Story

Stock photography will deliver a key message to your clients and customers. It is an asset that will benefit all marketers, website designers, graphic designers, interior decorators, and business owners.

This is important. A stock photograph is only as good as its uniqueness. If you use the same stock photograph as your competitors, that doesn’t work.

This is where you have the advantage by selecting your stock photography needs from Anette Mossbacher!

Stock Photography Is The Solution To Your Project Needs:

      • Website Design
      • Brochures and other print projects
      • Posters
      • Corporate Communications
      • Social Media
      • Advertising: Online & Traditional
      • Email Marketing
      • Architecture and Interior Design
      • Billboards
      • Editorial: Books & Magazines


The World In My Lens – A Manifesto by Anette Mossbacher

I have traveled the world creating photographs with the purpose of elevating the concerns of nature. From Botswana in Africa, to Japan in Asia, and as far reaching as the Arctic, my camera and I have recorded some of the world’s most amazing sights.

The diversity of life that we all share with this planet I was able to capture. From the rhinos that traverse the African savannah to the mighty polar bears floating on Arctic ice, I convey the power of our planetary co-habitants- many of which are rapidly disappearing into extinction.

In my stock photography library, there is nearly an unlimited variety of color schemes and subject matter for you to work with. I’m quite proud of that, and I’m sure that you can locate a meaningful and natural photograph for every space or project that you may be working on

My name is Anette Mossbacher, and I want to be in your first thoughts, as you begin to craft a visual message for your clients and projects. Thank you, for letting me share my life’s photographic work with you.

African lioness stalking through high grass while her eyes focused on wildlife photographer Anette

African lioness stalking through high grassland


Details On Your Purchase Of Stock Photography From Anette Mossbacher

Many of Anette’s online photographs are available for immediate download in a stock photography purchase. These photographs are high resolution and are offered with either a “Photo rights Managed” or a “Royalty Free” license. Your purchase is fast and streamlined due to our special, website-integrated, stock photography Quote System.

After making your purchasing decision, click the “Buy Stock / Prints” button located at the top of the thumbnail preview and information window. This will open a 2nd window with the “Download Tab”.

In the Download Tab, you can select your usage requirements including: the region, terms, size, and circulation. The price for your purchase of the stock photograph will be presented along with a synopsis of the licensing terms. It is also possible to download an entire collection of photographs in a lower resolution.

The Anette Mossbacher stock photography library is constantly updated, so visit often. We also have an RSS feed that can immediately alert you to new additions to the library.

Note: If you see an Anette Mossbacher photograph that you’re interested in licensing, and a profile hasn’t been set up on this website, CONTACT US.
Note: All stock photography is available in either the .jpg or .tiff file formats, and they are set to the Adobe 1998 color profile.


Your Steps to Leasing World-Class Stock Photography From Anette Mossbacher

      • Enter the Photography Galleries Section
      • Select your desired photograph(s) (Note: if you wish to save a group of photographs before making a decision- save your choices using the ‘Add to Lightbox’ button. These selected photographs will be stored, as a group.)
      • After selecting your stock photography purchase(s) from the Lightbox – click the ‘Buy License’ button for each photograph. They will be added to your cart.
      • After selecting your stock photography purchase directly from a gallery – Click the ‘Buy Stock / Prints” button

Note: If you press either of the above buttons, and your only option is to buy a print, you will need to speak with Anette Mossbacher Photography directly to arrange your stock photography licensing. Click Here to contact.

      • If you change your mind regarding an photographs that has already been placed into your cart- Navigate to the cart. For each line item in the cart, you will see two buttons: Remove and Change item. Click the appropriate button.



Payment can be made securely with your credit card via stripe or through a bank transfer. Credit card information is not permanently stored. For credit card payment- follow the prompts. Payment is made in USA dollars (USD).

Payment made via a bank transfer will receive an invoice from Anette Mossbacher Photography. We can invoice you in USA dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, or British Pounds.
For a bank transfer payment, you must contact us here: Contact

Contacting Us

For any inquiries; prints, stock photography leasing, or photography assignments- please do contact us for further details.

Anette Mossbacher Photography is available for worldwide commissions and assignments.

We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.