Sweet Memory African Rhino

Sweet Memory Of An Wild African Rhino In Africa


“Or – Once Upon A Time”

there ‘were’ many African Rhinos roaming the African continent! These wild animals were strolling in peace through the unending vastness of the African Landscape. An African Rhino has nearly no real predators. Of course sometimes a African Rhino calf fell a victim to African lions or other big cats. There are the Black Rhinos, Diceros bicornis and the White Rhinos, Ceratotherium simum, still roaming the African continent. Their numbers are decreasing rapidly after each year!
When I came across an African Rhino, no matter if black or white, I always called myself a very lucky duck of a Wildlife Photographer, out in the African bush. I have witnessed beautiful strong animals, mother’s with their calfs strolling through the bush. Rhino families defending their calfs from an African lion pride successful. Sometimes I wonder if they know! Do they know how to defend themselves of humans with guns? Like George, the great strong African Rhino bull, a Black Rhino, below in the photograph. Is he still roaming his territory out there? Do you know? I don’t. Maybe killed by now for his horn!
This African Rhino bull was very curious and came closer to see what I am. I have put down the camera when he came closer and closer. Watching him checking me out. He was putting up his nose in the air, sniffing, the ears wiggled around, trying to hear anything from me. I was silent, did not even wanted to breath. I just wanted to witness this wild animal close, without a camera in between. He left me in awe and I can say: I was able to see some of these majestic magnificent animals in the wild and still alive! I followed this proud African Rhino bull with my eyes till he totally disappeared in the thick African bush.

The “humans”, Homo sapiens, have become the BIGGEST PREDATORS for African Rhinos. No matter what, these wild animals get poached every month more and more by humans for their Horns. The thirst of Greediness of homo sapiens! Will it ever end?

African Black Rhino, wild animals pictures of African rhino standing in high grassland early morning


Poaching / Killing Reasons of African Rhinos / FACTS:

    • Greediness of humans (I have NO respect for them)
    • Traditional Medicine – Consumer – Fairytale Believers – believing of detoxification of the body when having a hang over, fever reducing (grab Paracetamol that works!) and who knows what else!! Far East / Viet Nam / China (these are adults consuming it!! “Once upon a time ‘someone’ said wonder powers … and many are “believing” this humbuck fairytales!“)
    • Symbol of Status by wealthy and powerful Vietnamese, they see a African Rhino Horn as a status symbol in Viet Nam (go buy a fancy car, watch, painting or boat). This is very concerning! Source: www.savetherhino.org
    • Big Syndicates to make more money with African Rhino Horns for… (you came naked to earth and you leave naked!)

More info on Vietnamese consumers, which is not only used as traditional medicine purpose. A new trend has come on the table, the African Rhino Horn “Status Symbol” for rich “educated” Vietnamese!

While the number of the LIVING African Rhino is decreasing on a fast path, Tanzania faces it’s biggest African elephants catastrophic decline in numbers from 109,051 in 2009 to 43,330 in 2014! Isn’t that shocking?  Source: www.traffic.org

The Environment Of South Africa Website Has Written A Very Interesting Article About African Rhino Poaching:

This very interesting article about African Rhino Poaching Timeline Statistics South Africa 2000-2015. Source: Environment South Africa

In short, when this Zuma became president, signing deals with China, the numbers of poached African Rhinos are drastically increasing from year to year. South African’s souls are on “sale”.

      • 2007 – 13 killed rhinos – president – Kgalema Motlanthe
      • 2008 – 83 killed rhinos – president – Kgalema Motlanthe > signs of the first trades with China
      • 2009 – 122 killed rhinos – president – Zuma > contract signed with China! The beginning of selling South African’s souls!
      • 2010 – 333 killed rhinos – president – Zuma > South African’s souls on sale
      • 2011 – 448 killed rhinos – president – Zuma > more Chinese Yada Yada and Zuma got warned by local businesses!
      • 2012 – 668 killed rhinos – president – Zuma > geeeeez, read in the website Environment South Africa what this Zuma was up to!
      • 2013 – 1004 killed rhinos – president – Zuma > wants to sell the last few bits and pieces of South African’s Souls to China!
      • 2014 – 1215 killed rhinos – president – Zuma > trying to get the “South African-Sino relations”. Probably selling now wild animals souls above the table!
      • 2015 – 410++ killed rhinos – president – Zuma > busy renovating his “home”, new buildings…etc. in his 30++ Millions of Euros Villa/Castle. His Voters, hopefully wake up soon, live in Squatter Camps! China Yada Yada will for sure continue. The South African soul is on “SALE”.


The Only Thing Necessary for the “Triumph of Evil” is that Good Men Do Nothing!

Quote By Edmund Burke

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By Anette Mossbacher