Polar Bears and Ice Bergs Captured

Polar Bears, Ice Bergs & Arctic Nature on Photo Prints


When it comes to artwork, there are thousands of choices that homeowners can make their selection from. From the geometric photo prints that have been so popular over recent years to typography decals, every homeowner can ensure that their home is as unique as the individuals living in it.

However, there is one choice of artwork that is sure to delight, amaze, and inspire every taste and preference: photographs of nature and wildlife at their best, polar bears. For those looking to introduce a touch of natural beauty to their home decor, the incredible options available from Anette Mossbacher can make a truly stunning addition to any home.

Polar bear floating on an iceberg between many icebergs in the Arctic ocean far north. The sea is full with icebergs, at the horizon is the sunset, sky full of clouds. This image is available as artwork photo prints

Polar bear floating on an iceberg in the Arctic ocean


Polar Bears a Rare Protected Species 

Polar bears are one of the rarest sights in nature for two notable reasons. The first is one of accessibility; due to the chosen habitat of the polar bear, they are simply a sight that few people will have the chance to see. Polar bears tend to only live wild in the remote, polar regions, which few people ever have the chance to visit. Secondly, polar bears are a rare, protected species that are struggling for survival against issues such as hunting and climate change. Due to this combination of an extreme natural habitat and threats to the population, polar bears are primarily only accessible to the general public via photographic imagery.


Polar bear under the full moon. The polar bear is nestled between rocks on a cliff. The sky has a dark purple color from the midnight sun.

Polar bear sleeping between rocks on a cliff of an island in Svalbard


Polar Bears Photographs as Artwork

What imagery it is, though! Anette Mossbacher has managed to capture truly incredible images of polar bears in their natural habitat, and these photographs can be printed and used as artwork. These wonderful images were primarily taken in Norway / Svalbard, also called Spitsbergen, where polar bears live naturally among the wild elements they call home. The austere beauty of the landscape juxtaposes perfectly with the soft, gentle appearance of the stars of the image, creating a beautiful overall picture that would complement any home.


Polar bear standing at the edge of a big rock in Norway, Svalbard. This is a black and white fine art print as many images other polar bears

Black and white artwork of an polar bear standing at the edge of a rock at the Arctic sea


Arctic Wildlife & Landscape Photo Prints

Speaking of the landscape, the majority of the Arctic wildlife photo prints available feature polar bears in various poses on a background of icebergs. These icebergs may look terrifying to us, but they are the natural home of these incredible creatures, and offer an extra dimension that any images of polar bears taken in zoo locations cannot hope to replicate. This is nature at its very best, unspoilt an wild, and Anette’s images have preserved these moments in time.


Polar bear standing on pack ice, icebergs floating as far the eye can see up to the horizon. Sunset colors in the sky with many clouds. Polar bears habitat

What will the future hold for polar bears. Polar bear standing on an iceberg


There are a range of photo prints to discover, from close up images that primarily focus on the bear itself to more distant images that take in the entire landscape. Photo prints are also available that include the moon in the image; helping to bring together another natural element in an image that will draw gasps of admiration from anyone who sees it. The keen eye of an experienced photographer such as Mossbacher is able to pick out the moments that should be preserved in time, allowing for a wonderful range that is only possible thanks to the expertise of the person behind the lens.


Polar Bear nestled into a rock cliff. The full Moon shining above the polar bear. This is one of my artwork, one Black White Fine Art photo print of many of my photo prints

Polar bear artwork. This black and white wildlife fine art photo is available as high quality print


So, if you are looking for incredible artwork with a difference, look no further than the majestic polar bear photo prints available from Anette Mossbacher. These photo prints can be ordered online for maximum convenience, and are sure to make a stunning addition to any room of your home or office.

Polar bear images are also available to buy as stock photos, the digital files, for any commercial, websites and much more. More information for on how to purchase stock images online.

Fujifilm XT-1 and Greenland Icebergs

Fujifilm XT-1 Flagship and Greenland Icebergs


On a recent photographic trip to Greenland. FujiFilm Switzerland loaned me the FujiFilm XT-1 and 3 lenses; XF 16-55mm/2.8; XF 50-140mm/2.8; XF 10-24mm/4.0. I was keen to test FujiFilm’s flagship camera and lenses in the harsh Arctic conditions.
A friend and fellow photographer Peter Delaney is a recent convert to Fujifilms mirrorless platform and has been informing me of his positive experiences .

The first noticeable thing on my travels was:
How light my FujiFilm camera bag was compared to my DSLR bag, especially as I trekked across deep snow and frozen terrain of Greenland. Another delightful surprise was FujiFilms EVF. It was big, bright and every change I made in the camera settings reflected in the viewfinder, WYSIWYG. You can program your EVF to show your histogram, exposure compensation, ISO, aperture and shutter settings etc, invaluable. Why can’t my DSLR do this! Simple it has a mirror!

Iceberg with reflection, Fujifilm XT-1 landscape photograph, icebergs floating in the Arctic Ocean

Fine Art Photography prints sale

Iceberg photographed from moving boat handheld:
Fujifilm XT-1;   lens: XF 10-24mm F/4.0;   Exposure: 1/60sec. F/9.0;   ISO 200

Other valuable features, the horizon level turns green when level, no more having to adjust horizons in post processing.
I found the menu easy to navigate and the quick menu a blessing. No more having to scroll through pages of menu. A really cool feature is focus assist, by pressing the focus assist button or by turning the manual focus ring on your lens activates highlight peaking which shows you which part of your image is in focus. Especially useful in difficult lighting or for people who sometimes don’t trust their eyes. Why can’t my DSLR do this??

Fujifilm XT-1, two fisher boats passing each other in a iceberg field in the Arctic Ocean

Two Fisher Boats Passing Each Other

Photograph captured from the cliffs handheld:
FujiFilm XT-1;   lens: XF 50-140mm F/2.8;   Exposure: 1/60sec. F/13.0;   ISO 200

One of my major concerns was the battery performance, especially in ice cold conditions. On my boat trips photographing the icebergs two batteries lasted easy 4-5 hours, which was more than adequate. The batteries are small and inexpensive, easy to stow in your pocket.
One big difference I noted on my return between my DSLR and Mirrorless Fujifilm XT-1, was the amount of exposures I made. I made more exposures with my DSLR than FujiFilms XT-1. It wasn’t that I preferred shooting with the DSLR. It was because I trusted FujiFilms XT-1 EVF that I had captured the photograph exactly as I wanted.

My photographic trip to Greenland was a success. I came back with some wonderful Landscape Photographs created with the FujiFilm XT-1, even there out of the camera jpegs were impressive. I love the film simulation modes too, my favourite was Classic Chrome.
I am truly impressed by FujiFilms mirrorless equipment and it will definitely become part of my camera equipment.
A big thank you to FujiFilm Switzerland for the loan equipment and there valuable advice and input. Very impressed by their service, which seems the norm with FujiFilm offices around the world.

What I highly recommend is the book by publishers Rocky Nook: Fujifilm XT-1; 111 X-Pert Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Camera