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Who does not know Namibia? Discover this beautiful country with nature photographer Anette. Explore the amazing wildlife roaming the vast deserts or in the Etosha National Park. Drive along with Anette on her photo tours to the amazing red dunes in Sossusvlei, as well as the Skeleton coast up north to find the Desert Elephants in dry river beds.

African Wildlife Fine Art

The elegant Oryx gazella, we also know, as Gemsbok is looking back over its shoulder into the camera (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Oryx Gemsbok, African wildlife fine art photography of an Oryx Gemsbok standing in the vastness of Africa’s landscape. In Namibia, you meet nearly on every corner wild animals while driving on the “wrong” side. On my journey through Namibia, I encountered Oryx, as well as many more different species of animals, which have crossed my …

African Leopard Photography

African leopard, Panthera Pardus), African elephant, Loxodonta Africana, together waterhole. Leopard drinks water behind the elephant. The elephant is in the water up to its head. Etosha, Namibia (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

African Wildlife and Landscape Photography sometimes brings quite some surprises on a safari during the day or during the night! Especially African Predators Photography, like this African Leopard Photography. Not to forget the big mammals, the elephants, both together I have not seen very often! Actually, only 3-4 x, going to each other out of their way. This …

African Desert Elephants

An African wildlife images in color features an elephant that walks through a dry riverbed. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

African Desert Elephants, like the name, say they live in the desert. Currently only found in Namibia and Mali. These elephants adapted very well to their habitat, the desert. On my trip through Namibia, traveling alone in a jeep with a roof tent, I came across a few times these beautiful magic African Desert Elephants. …

Alone 6000k Through The Natural World

Between two Quiver trees stands a jeep with an open rooftop tent. Everything is in a soft orange glow. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Leaving the homeland for the trip “Alone 6000k through the natural world of Namibia”. … arriving in Windhoek / Namibia late afternoon. My first encounter with Photography in Africa – Wildlife – sort of big sign of a Warthog. “Safari already, at the airport?” No, not quite. The next morning, 8 am… yawn, the handover of …