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Website Design review including page speed, what can be done better to increase page speed and crawl. As well, how to make a website attractive for SEO, how to improve SEO for photography websites.

Why Professional Photographers Use RAID Storage?

Raid storage and image storage, a RAID with open door to see the hard drives inside. Raid for professional Photographer

As a professional wildlife and nature photographer, I can quickly go through megabytes of photographs, even in just a single photoshoot! That means it’s important for me to keep up to date with the best forms of my photograph storage. For that, I have purchased RAID storage (OWC ThunderBay 4 with 4 hard drives) in conjunction with …

WordPress Website PhotoShelter Integration

Portfolio Screenshot Wordpress Photoshelter, gallery photo of leopard with thumbnails underneath the large photograph

Update 22 July 2019: By now I have moved all my photographs to purchase online to WordPress. Simply, I was not happy at all with Phottoshelter and their SEO. The reasons: Photoshelter indeed does not offer a blog post. You have to open a blog in WordPress or somewhere else. Integrate that into Photoshelter. Which …

Picture Stolen Watermark Register Copyright

Picture of screen of one of my most stolen photo in Google search for images.

My photographs have been stolen! Who stole my photograph? What do I do? Many “borrow” / steal photographs on the Internet simply picture stolen, with or without watermark, copyright or not! Call it: Picture is stolen, stolen pictures, the photograph was stolen, stolen photographs, picture grabbed, picture theft… there are many forms of how to describe …