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Discover our stories about Wild Arctic Nature Photography. Read about the vastness of the Arctic landscapes to the Arctic wildlife. You will find stories from the nature photographer Anette Mossbacher about the wild animals living in their natural habitats. Indeed, the environment changes in the Wild Arctic Nature. Especially for the animals and ice sheets of the north pole. Explore our Polar bear photos how they are learning to adapt to the changing environment.

Photo Journey Through The Arctic II

Walrus swim in the Arctic sea. Three animals with their heads above the water. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

During breakfast, the boat went on its journey through the Arctic sea. Waves? Yes. Big? I don’t know, but we all left our gear on the floor and not on the bed, just in case it fell off the bed! During the journeys between the stops, I spent most of the time on deck; I …

Photo Journey Through The Arctic

A remarkable iceberg shows an abstract sculpture that has a Loch Ness shape. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

A magazine has contacted me to write an article about my experiences on the photo journey through the Arctic in Svalbard, Norway. A photo journey through the Arctic, wow, this tour was fantastic. All photographers got great photographs of the animals and nature, what the Arctic has to offer. A photo journey through the Arctic. …

What Will The Future Hold

The polar bear resting on pack ice, which looks like the imposing predator, is lost. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Update 15 July 2014: This Polar bear photograph has won 5th place in the landscape category in the Society of German Wildlife Photographers contest 2014 The Polar bear looks tiny in this landscape in the vastness of the wild Arctic sea far north. At 83 degrees, we have seen this polar bear having a nap on …

Hold The Ice In The Wild Arctic Nature

A large iceberg has many crevices in its structure. The dark blue sea contrasts the ice. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

In September 2013, I went on an Arctic nature and wildlife photography tour to Svalbard, Spitsbergen in Norway. The journey was to take photographs of the arctic wildlife, nature, and landscapes. As well the marine life like walruses, seals, whales, and many more. Indeed, we have been fortunate on our journey that we have seen 26 polar bears (Ursus maritimus) less …

Top 2013 Nature Photographs

Polar bear sleeping under a full moon while nestled in cliffs above the Arctic sea. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

The year 2013, is slowly winding down. 2014 is knocking on our front door, waiting for new adventures, new journeys as well as many more photographs of the natural world. Accordingly, I looked through my photographs, and below are my top 2013 nature photographs. This year in 2013 I did not travel much, or did I? …

Journey Wild Arctic Svalbard

Massive Polar bear stands on a large rock, while he looks to the camera. That apex predator is dirty. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Wild Arctic journey Svalbard, to the far north of Europe, above the arctic circle to encounter the northern Arctic wildlife in their natural world. The wild Arctic in Svalbard, also called Spitsbergen, is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Most people I know asked me where on earth is that? Far north, nearly in the …