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Time again to write a review of the year 2014 for landscape photography and my wildlife photography. 2015 is already knocking at the door… again another year done. Where did the time go? I have no idea, it just passed me, saying hi and bye. “Hello, but that should not go that fast, please!” Is there anywhere a STOP button? This red big thing you hit and all stops! Sadly no…. ooooh be quiet!

There we go, landscape photography Africa, one of those lovely favorite places of mine. Not only for wildlife photography. Going out sitting or standing, depends, breathing in nature fully. Looking around for best composition for this or that. Finding the right spots and not to get eaten by a leopard or lion while standing in the African bush for a landscape photo made in Africa! A tad adventure is always with me. That does not mean that I do not go up to the cold north. Nop, I do this as well, of course. And there, OMG, what a landscape, that blows you away. The best photos I took 2013 in the cold north, you can find in my older post in Top 2013 Nature Photographs including wildlife photography.

Best Landscape & Wildlife Photographs

Where do I start and with what? Best photos, yeah best photos, hmmm. I do have some favorites, but actually all are my favorites or best photos. Oh well, African landscape photography I think is one of the best photos. The Epupa falls, at the border of Namibia and Angola. They only have lots of water in spring time and I was lucky to be there when masses of water flow down the falls and river. The falls are long, not to high, but gorgeous. I did my homework already at home for those falls. Getting there was another thing. Jeep 4×4 no problem, the only problem those 1000s ditches on the way there. Oh gosh, give speed – break, give speed – break. You can go nuts on that! Anyway, arriving there, walking around in the eve a bit to find some good spots. Next morning, get up in the dark and climb up the mountain for areal view. That was not to bad. No lion no leopard in sight at this day. When the sun was to high, light to harsh the exploring for better places to take landscape photographs was on. Walking in the heat around and I did find some great spots. Next morning same procedure just different places to get what I had in mind for my long exposure landscape photography. The result black and white photo print, in color below:

Silent Roar • No Sound Display, Sorry!

Best photos, Epupa falls landscape photography showing the river full of water. Baobab trees standing between the cliffs

Famous Landscape • Photograph Of DeadVlei

The next landscape picture, everybody knows that spot on earth, as well in Namibia. The DeadVlei. Famous for it’s red sand dunes, the black dead Acacia trees on the white clay pan surrounded by the dunes. The Namib Naukluft National Park, full of sand and more with dust. If you go there with a camera, bring the rocket blower along, you need it badly 😀

How did I accomplish this photograph Well, getting up early, be there early and know what you want to do before hand. The sun has no STOP button to stand still, the sun will rise faster than you expect! Hurry hurry 😀

One photograph I like the most, not because of it’s colors or whatsoever. I think I like this a lot, because when photographer friends saw this one, before I posted it anywhere asking me: “Anette, are you sure with your composition and crop?” Ooooh yeeeees, I am absolutely sure with that in all corners. This is me 😀

White and Red • Not Black and white

Fine art landscape photography prints, DeadVlei pan with black dead trees and behind red sand dunes

Next another Acacia tree, a Camelthorn tree, hey this time alive not dead from DeadVlei. This is one of the most photographed trees in Etosha National Park. Aaah we are getting closer to the wildlife photography section, well not quite. First this famous tree. This one really needs to be mentioned. This tree spent me many waiting hours company while “waiting” who has guessed that, for wildlife on a waterhole. I am sure this tree knows many stories about funny tourists, leaving their cars, even when the big sign there says ” Stay IN Your Vehicle” Do Not Leave Your Vehicle” you will get eaten by lions or grasshoppers. Well the eaten part comes from me. But The leaving part actually comes from tourists thinking animals are tame and calm in National parks. OR they think, I do not see lions so I can shortly step out and do this or that. However, I have seen tourists getting out of the car while a leopard was just sitting 6meters away behind a bush from them, getting ready for the job!!!

Nevertheless, the most photographed tree in Etosha, just a sec…. the dead trees in DeadVlei are the most dead shot trees on earth IMHO!

I Can Tell Stories • Acacia *Celebrity* Tree

Best photos, landscape photograph camel thorn tree standing in front of the Etosha natural salt pan with early morning pink light of the sunrise


Best Wildlife Photographs

Now since we hit Etosha already, why not go over to the wildlife, the predators. Everybody wants to see them. This year I was a lucky duck with Wildlife Photography. I have met cheetahs, lions and hyenas. This cheetah looking over it’s shoulder back to it’s mates while they were sneaking in to a Springbok herd. One after the other, meeting up at a spot and probably discussing, who will do the first sprint to catch lunch. When that was decided, one sneaking in to about 20-25m to the herd and like a rocket started the sprint and the race started. The fastest land animal on the hunt. I only can say, that was fast!! Sadly lunch needed to be postponed to dinner time. The chosen cheetah did not get a Springbok. I do not want to know what it’s mates had to say to that!!

Cheetah In Grassland • Giving The Look To It’s Mates!

Best photos, Cheetah sitting in bleached grass, looking back over it's shoulder to it's mates.

After Africa, the down under continent called my name, OZ was on the list. Staying on a little island at great Barrier Reef in Australia. You only can fly in and this is more a diving island. Hey, I would say this is also a birding island. Holy, how many birds are living on this island. From the Red-tailed Tropicbird to the White-capped Noddy and more. Well, the White-capped Noddy is for me more a “Angry Bird”. It gave me always that look and after a few images it always said thank with nodding it’s head!

Angry Bird • White-Capped Noddy Having It’s Moments

Best photos, White capped noddy adult standing on little rock on a beach looking very angry.

The last photograph, as well a wildlife photograph, or better said bird photograph. The Red-tailed Tropicbird, one of them was right in front of our porch nesting. This bird did not care about us at all. We kept our distance as far the building has allowed us. It looked like sleeping all day, no move nothing. The second day I recognized that another Red-tailed Tropicbird flew in from the sea. It came always nearly same time – lunch time. So I checked what is this bird doing. Sitting a bit off the whole scene. Oh, the second bird came to feed the nesting bird. Well, next day I took a beach chair and placed myself with the camera in a corner on the beach to get the food delivery boy in flight – mid air. The result:

Red-Tailed Tropicbird Mid Air • Delivery Boy

Best photos, Red-tailed tropic bird flying mid air full size, wings spread and looking down to the photographer

I think this is enough of best photos or favorites and short tales of my trips here and there. We will see what next year will bring on best photos. Hopefully I find sometimes a STOP button, just to stop the time for a few days, especially when I am on a trip. That would be so nice. Hope you enjoyed the review of 2014 best photos, well, should be called my favorites, but best photos is fine too. Feel free to share. I know I should link here and there in my website for link building SEO stuff in this post. Well, SEO forces me a bit, no a bit more actually, just this link, hoping not to spam you, just my gallery. You find all my landscape photographs, my photography prints and all stock photos and all of all on sale in my nature and wildlife galleries.

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