Of all the species in the wild, primates are most like humans. Primates, we group into monkeys, apes, and hominids. So, how to tell one from another? Monkeys have tails, whereas the others do not!

Fascinating Primate Photographs

Primate photograph prints will add a unique touch to a playroom, entertainment area, or kitchen nook. Certainly designed to put a smile on your face. You find in the portfolio adorable Vervet Monkeys from Southern Africa. Also, great Baboons live in the lush tropical forests, swinging from treetop to treetop. Then, we see the Malaysian Macaque, a species that eats tree bark, flowers, and the occasional rat. In Japan, the team capture photographs of playful Snow Monkeys. They live in the harshest regions of the planet. However, they enjoy life to the full. So, when they get too cold, they warm up in a natural thermal pool. Indeed, a close-up of a snow-covered monkey is sure to tug at your heart-strings. Then, in the wilds of Borneo, we find the funny-face Proboscis Monkey. They have an unusually large noses, giving them a unique look. Subsequently, these primate photographs will thrill a friend with a fun sense of humor.

Dramatic Black Faced Monkeys

Unquestionably, a fine art photo print of a Black Faced monkey in stark silhouette, backlit by the early morning sun, makes a stunning gift. It is the perfect primate photograph to add a fascinating finish to a modern, in-city apartment.

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