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Unique Wildlife Pictures

View my collection of unique wildlife-photographs for sale as beautiful wall art prints. My selection of wild animal pictures captures a range of emotions, colors and scenes that will delight the most placid animal lover to the wildest adrenaline-seeking adventurer. My wildlife photographs have won several international awards.

Wildlife Photography Prints For Sale

Fine art panels with wildlife photo prints

In this collection of unique wildlife photos, you’ll find canvas prints, metal, acrylic, and framed or unframed wall art decor for your home or office. Do you need stock photography for commercial use? Are you designing a website, a social media campaign, brochures, corporate documents, email marketing, or advertising posters? My nature stock photography collections offer a superb choice of unique wildlife pictures for sale.

Transform your office or home decor with beautiful wildlife and animal wall art prints. Maybe you are a professional who offers interior décor services. Wildlife and animal pictures brighten up a room and make beautiful décor.

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Choose Beautiful Scenes of African Wild Animals Pictures

Africa speaks of vast open plains and endless dusty deserts, not to mention the fiery orange sunsets. The mighty elephant stands out with its strength and sense of mystery. Imagine a beautiful large canvas print of two bull elephants fighting, ideal to set the scene for a boardroom meeting! A black and white photo of an African elephant as a lovely piece of framed wall art can brighten up any home decor.

In my African Wildlife Collection, you will find lovely images of the silent giraffe, picking tasty leaves off the highest branches of a tree. How about a rare lone Rhino? In fact, it is one of the most endangered species in the world. Hippos are fun and frivolous with full yawning mouths, but beware, if provoked, it can be extremely dangerous!

Wildlife Photo Prints from Frozen Arctic Regions

Moving from Africa to the frozen plains of the Arctic regions, brings a host of fascinating new wild animals. White polar bears stand on the icy ground overlooking a sea filled with pack-ice. A walrus lifts her head out of the freezing water – what delicacy has she caught for dinner? My Arctic wild animals pictures are great for everybody! Decorate your home with a photo of a polar bear sleeping under the moon. Everyone loves a polar bear image, and this one will undoubtedly bring a peaceful and calming mood to your home or office.

Thrill Your Senses with Japanese Wildlife-Photographs

The word Japan usually brings to mind the sacred, snow-capped Mount Fuji and trees laden with exquisite pink cherry blossoms. However, this small country also offers a sensational array of undoubtedly rare Japanese wildlife. In this winter wonderland, you will find the playful snow monkeys who live in one of the world’s harshest regions. Snow-covered in winter, they are smart and resourceful, warming themselves in natural thermal pools.

Owning this frozen world are the majestic eagles, who soar into the clouds and then dive into the frozen waters to snatch their dinner. Indeed, a red-crowned crane and a sly fox make an unlikely pair on the icy landscape. Photo prints of these animals are perfect to uplift your wall with and turn it into a talking point. The beauty of snow-white Whooper Swans in balletic poses will bring a soft, feminine touch to the room, sure to outlast any commercial poster fad of the day.

I will Happily Answer any Questions

Do you need more information on particular stock photographs or wildlife-photographs for sale that have caught your attention? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I am the eye behind the lens and will be happy to give you the information you require.

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A wildlife photo of lion in color shows a majestic lion that stands at the edge of the savannah. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

African Wildlife

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Polar bear sleeping under full moon peacefully in the cliffs of an island in Svalbard. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Arctic Wildlife

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A snow monkey bathing. He is taking a relaxing bath in a hot thermal pool. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Japanese Wildlife

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More Nature Photographs

A photo of an African Savannah landscape that features a solitary acacia tree in this grassland. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Landscape Photographs

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A Lion pictures black and white of a majestic male standing in the Savannah. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Black and White Photographs

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Wildlife & Landscape Photography

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Wildlife & Landscape Photography
All rights reserved


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