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African Lion Pictures

Here you can view a collection of my best photos of lions. My African lion collection features the amazing largest predator on the African continent. Browse my lovely portfolio of lion pictures, including black-maned lions available in black and white or color. In this gallery, you’ll find photographs of male lions, lionesses, and cute lion cubs that I have captured in their natural habitat throughout Africa.

A full-grown male lion can grow up to 2.1 meters, including another 1 meter for its tail; a massive predator indeed. Who does the most hunting in a pride, the male or the female?  Well, as always, it’s the lioness who does most of the work.

Buy Framed or Canvas Wall Art Prints of Lions

Photo prints of lions wall art prints on canvas, acrylic, metal and Alu-Dibond

All my best lion photographs are available to purchase as framed art prints or canvas wall art, acrylic glass mount or modern metal prints. Unframed fine art photo prints are available as well. How about a beautiful large black and white lion canvas print? I ship photo prints worldwide for free.

Explore my beautiful photos of lions and purchase any photo as a high-quality fine art print on canvas, acrylic, metal to decorate your home or office. My lion images are also available for photo licensing.

Lion Pictures Wall Art

Lioness canvas wall art print above a sofa in a living room
African lion black and white fine art photo prints hanging on wall
Lion wall art photo print in a living room as display of decor

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Wildlife & Landscape Photography
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