Wildlife & Landscape Limited Edition Fine Art Photography

Collectable photographic artwork

When you purchase limited edition fine art photography as prints, you are investing in a collectible photographic artwork. My wildlife and landscape fine art limited edition prints are created using the best of the latest technology. Therefore, ensuring the ultimate in archival, museum-level, high-quality, and control for your collectible nature photography artwork. Each fine art nature photo is limited to a number of 25 high-quality wall art prints.

These black and white fine art prints will enhance any home decor or office interior. I will accept nothing less than the best museum-level high-quality framing for these exquisitely captured moments of nature. Each fine art print of animals and landscapes comes with the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity. Its design is mainly to protect the security and genuineness of your photographic artwork. Each certificate is on a premium Hahnemühle certificate paper that comes with a watermark. This authenticates the artworks for genuineness. The document also has a serialized and numbered hologram. An identically numbered hologram is added to the reverse side of your artwork. I will ship the document directly to you, including the holograms. On request, I will also sign your fine art print. Combining the certificate and holograms assures that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to one particular piece of nature photography artwork.

Selection Of black and white Limited Edition Prints

African Lion limited edition print

This black and white limited edition fine art photograph shows a majestic black mane Lion standing in Savannah at the edge of the salt pan. The Lion’s facial expression is indeed of a proud, powerful black maned male Lion. He is standing guard because this is his territory. A breeze of wind blows through his thick black mane, announcing his presence, and dispersing his scent across the grassland. This characterful black and white Lion photograph display his strength.

About 17 Lions were crossing my path, Lionesses accompanied by more than a handful of cubs. Undoubtedly, the male of the pride is close by, never straying too far. Eventually, two black maned male Lions appear on the scene. In this black and white limited edition photograph, the Lion placed himself picture-perfect. However, this is not always the case in Lion photography. Read more about capturing this photograph of the Lion. A print best suited on metal / aluminum enhances the presence and power conveyed by this black and white Lion limited edition photograph.

Epupa Falls Black And White Fine Art Print

The gorgeous Epupa waterfalls as a fine art black and white landscape limited edition print. Raging waterfalls plunge down the cliffs, but still, it seems to create a smooth landscape scene. The famous African baobab trees stand firm within this rocky terrain. Undoubtedly, the falls appear calm and peaceful with the soothing water. Yet, in reality, it is the Valley of Thunder with the roaring sound of the water. Therefore, Anette calls this black and white fine art print of the waterfalls ‘Silent Roar’.

The impressive Epupa waterfalls are located along the Northern border of Namibia, adjacent to Angola. Solely in the Southern African rainy season, you may see the water rush this heavily. It is astonishing how these large baobabs sprout between steep rocks and water. I recommend this landscape photograph to print on aluminum acrylic. Indeed, it is one of the best high-quality materials, which enforces a sense of depth to our framed landscape art prints.

Polar Bear Sleeps Under Full Moon

Black and white Polar bear, wildlife limited edition fine art photograph print. This Polar Bear nestled itself into the cliffs, finding a cozy nook amongst the rocky terrain. The soft, full moonlight illuminates this peaceful arctic scene. The dark rocks contrast with the white Polar bear exceptionally well. Undoubtedly, the moonlight draws attention to this elusive, majestic animal.

Who would have guessed that I would encounter a Polar bear sleeping under the full moon? Well, certainly not me. While launching the zodiacs, this Polar bear was strolling along the beach. I photographed this Polar bear, camera in hand, from the inflatable boat. Read the story behind this Polar bear black and white photography artwork print. My recommendation for this fine art wildlife print is framed on a fine art panel or canvas art. Both are trusted high-quality frame materials, which enforce a brilliant look and feel for limited edition photography prints.

Elegant Framing Finishes For Your Limited Edition Prints

Acrylic Photo Print

One of the newest stylish products of wall décor frames is the display of the highest quality fine art paper under Acrylic Glass. Undoubtedly, it will provide your chosen black and white animal prints with an incredible sense of depth, brilliant contrast, and a stylish modern appearance. That wall décor frame is available in large and custom sizes, also in matte and glossy. Aluminum Dibond is the backing, which has metal rail hangers to hang right onto your wall.

Acrylic glass photo prints of landscape nature photography

Metal Photo Print

Modern Metal Prints Frames display excellent contrast and exceptional details, as well they are uniquely durable prints. Chic Metal Prints are specially coated aluminum sheets. For your nature photograph we print directly on that coating, by infusing the dyes directly on the coat. Overall, that frame represents a new art medium for black and white prints of animals and landscapes. Furthermore, the modern Metal Prints consist of an ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface. That includes, as well, being waterproof and weatherproof.

Metal print of wildlife fine art black and white black maned lion wildlife photography.

Fine Art Canvas Print

Our premium Fine Art Canvas prints we offer in lustre and glossy laminate surfaces, which gives your chosen nature photograph a gorgeous shine. The limited edition photograph we print directly onto the best and highest fine art museum canvas. The fine art canvas we wrap around a wood artist’s stretcher. That beautiful type of frame display is also perfect for large prints. Furthermore, this trusted canvas wall art décor frame is ready-to-hang right out of the box onto your wall.

Black and white landscape canvas wall art print. Fine art nature photography

Exquisite Fine Art Panel

The ready-to-hang onto your wall Fine Art Panel frame is one of our excellent wall options. That Standout mount is a beautiful and durable print framing option, which gives the selection of your nature art photograph a brilliant look and feel. We mount your artwork onto a 3/4″ (19mm) thick lightweight backing of your choice. Our framing backings are maple, black, white, and brushed stainless steel looks. We use the highest quality fine art papers for these backings, which are Velvet and matte fine art prints.

Wall art panels showing a lion in black and white. Fine art photography

Fine art prints (unmounted)

Lion limited edition photo print on fine art paper flat on white background. Lions with black mane.

Hahnemühle's fine art baryta satin

During the printing process, the Hahnemule’s Fine Art Baryta Satin paper captures delicate photographic details and outstanding sharpness. Precisely superb for the critical photographic details and contrasts for black and white limited edition prints. The reproduction of your nature art photograph has a guarantee. It will remain vibrant and pure for the years ahead. We apply a white border, additionally to emphasize elegance.

Canson infinity rag photographique

The high-quality Canson Infinity Rag Photographique is a white fine art paper with a smooth surface. Its smooth white tone is achieved due to its making process with natural minerals for its longevity requirements for digital fine art printing. For the practical use in a passé-partout and to emphasize elegance, we add to all art prints a white border.

Original fine art – Limited Edition Prints

What Separates A Limited Edition Print From An Open Edition?

Both are exquisite prints. They are originating from my mind and skills, for which I have won multiple international awards. Clients from around the world seek to obtain my photographic artwork and attend custom-tailored photograph adventure tours and workshops.

I try to capture – within my artwork – the raw emotions of nature. Undoubtedly, that includes natural fear, life, and an almost mystical sense of peace. That comes from a deep physical placement within a natural environment.

A limited-edition print allows you to take part in that experience in a manner that very few people ever will. The reason is, quite literally, the view is limited. Therefore, it creates collectability!

I personally select my best wildlife and landscape photographs to use for my limited edition collection. Indeed, the best of the best!

The Value Of Investing In Limited Edition Photography Prints

Fine art limited edition prints are a long-term investment. Undoubtedly, this collectible nature photography artwork you can pass from generation to generation.

Each artwork I print on high-quality fine art paper and frames. They feature standard and custom print finishes, and sizing, and also have the format precisely to your specifications.

Explicitly collectible artwork appreciates with time and availability. As a result, with each numbered print sale, the price rises for any remaining editions. Therefore, it virtually guarantees a positive return on your art décor investment over time.

I guarantee the stated quantity of my wildlife and landscape limited edition prints. When the edition sells out, there will be no more prints for sale of this nature photograph.

Please contact me for information regarding the process of closure for a limited-edition collection.

Fine Art Wildlife & Landscape Photography Prints

All rights reserved

Fine Art Wildlife & Landscape Photography Prints
All rights reserved


Please get in contact with us in case you are not sure which fine art paper would fit a specific photograph best. Or if you prefer a custom paper finish or a personalized exact photo print size. With pleasure, we will answer any questions you might have or explore alternative print options with you!

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