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A Great Selection of Polar Bear Pictures

Here you can view all my photos of polar bears, which showcases these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. I have captured a number of great images of these impressive animals in the Arctic circle, like the pictures of a polar bear on an iceberg or standing in front of a massive glacier.

Here are some interesting facts about these endangered species. It is true that their hair is actually transparent and not white. Polar bears are the largest carnivores in the world. How does this animal keep warm? Well, it might have something to do with the 10cm-thick blubber under their skin. They usually feed on seals. However, when a polar bear is starving, it will eat any animal, including us humans. Polar bears hibernate in the wintertime. These animals have black skin and a tongue ranging from purple to black. Sadly, climate change is forcing polar bears to adapt to find food elsewhere.

Browse my pictures of Polar bears in black and white and color. In particular, have a look at one outstanding image of a polar bear sleeping under the full moon.

Buy Polar Bear Wall Art for your Home or Office

Polar bear photo prints as wall art, canvas, metal, acrylic, Alu-Dibond and fine art

How would you like to see this majestic animal on your home or office wall every day? All my polar bear photographs are available to purchase as framed art prints or canvas wall art, acrylic glass mount, or modern metal prints. Unframed fine art photo prints are available as well. I ship all prints worldwide for free.

Imagine a large wall art print of this beautiful animal on your wall. Please feel free to explore my beautiful photos of polar bears and purchase any picture as a high-quality fine art print.

Simply click any image for purchase options.

Polar Bear Pictures Wall Art

Wildlife wall art photo print of a polar bear hanging on a wall in a home
Polar bear standing on sea ice, photographic print hanging on the wall in a home

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