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This page features Client Testimonials for their private custom workshops and photo tours. As well as their purchase of Wildlife and Landscape Fine Art photographic prints amongst other high-quality wall decor print finishes.

What an amazing, fun-filled adventure to travel and learn with you, Anette!

With your profound knowledge and talent in wildlife photography, keen sense of wildlife behavior, enthusiasm, and humor, you were the perfect companion on my 2 photo tours with you through Southern Africa.

You have made an enormous difference in how I look at wildlife in its environment/landscape or find that unusual angle or an obstacle to framing the animal. You have been the driving force to dare, experiment, and be different from the ordinary tourist photographer.

In our wilderness camp, you were the best coffee & tea maker, and I enjoyed our long, sometimes non-camera-related conversations. There is so much more we can discuss in the future.

I am honored to now call you a friend – my sincere appreciation and gratitude for guiding me along my photography learning curve. I am looking forward to more exclusive bush adventures with you.

B. H. South Africa / Switzerland

wildlife picture of a Springbok at African sunset from a photo tour client
African landscape picture print behind Acrylic glass hanging in a home.

Uns war immer klar, dass wir für unser Wohnzimmer ein Landschaftsbild der afrikanische Savanne haben wollten. Die Suche gestaltete sich hingegen nicht so einfach, wie gedacht…Das Bild haben wir nach langer Suche auf Pinterest gefunden und es hat uns bezüglich Farbe, Komposition und Qualität sehr überzeugt. Dieser Druck, Acrylic Glass, mit seiner Grösse (225 x 150 Zentimeter / 88.58 x 59 Inches) verleiht unserem Wohnzimmer eine Tiefe und vermittelt Wohnlichkeit und Ruhe in Einem. Wir danken Anette Mossbacher für die perfekte und freundliche Beratung. Die Bestellung und Lieferung verlief sehr unkompliziert und schnell.


We found the landscape picture after a long search on Pinterest and it convinced us very much in terms of color, composition, and quality. This landscape photo print, Acrylic print, with its size (225 x 150 centimeter / 88.58 x 59 inches) gives our living room depth and conveys comfort and tranquility in one. We thank Anette Mossbacher for the perfect and friendly advice. Ordering and delivery were very uncomplicated and quick.

Fam. S. / Switzerland

We bought Anette’s limited edition stunning fine art print of an African Lion in black and white, several years ago, and have followed her work as a great fan, ever since. We, therefore, couldn’t wait to adorn the walls of our new house with more of Anette’s beautiful large black and white prints.

We ordered African Elephant Bull Portrait, Zebra Resting its Head on a Friend, and Aloe Vera Plant, all in large sizes. We have most of them hanging along our very long bright hallway. They all look absolutely marvelous. The straightforward capture of the elephant’s face at close range, with his very white tusks standing out from his dark and wrinkled face, genuinely portrays his power and majesty and is by far our favorite print. We also adore the black and white Zebra print. It also gets a lot of attention from visitors as it is so adorable. The beautiful fine art Aloe Print is hanging above our daughter’s bed, exuding a feeling of calm and peace.

The fine art canvas photo prints were shipped to Australia. Anette and her printing crew did a fantastic job of getting the prints to the other side of the world on time, and we received them in perfect condition. The high-quality of fine art prints are genuinely superior.

I cannot speak more highly of Anette’s artistic abilities, and we feel very privileged to have her beautiful fine art wildlife prints on our walls.

J.T. / Australia

An Elephant tusks photo in black and white framed. The large canvas print is hanging as wall art.
Client Testimonial aluminum dibond photographic print hangs in living room

Dear Anette

Today is a fantastic day because I received the most beautiful and meaningful photograph captured by your amazing talent, The Cape of Good Hope. From the moment I saw it on your website, it hasn’t stop capturing my attention to the details of every corner of this phenomenal landscape photo, I tell you why.

Firstly, the photograph’s overview captured the perfect moment of the sea, sky, and the energy of the moment. The sea looks calm. The sky has clouds that move steadily above your head, and the overall power falls in harmony with the right colors combined at the right places. These are fundamentals of Feng Shui. Now perhaps you can understand how excited and thrilled I am to own a piece of perfection that stands proudly in the center of my home.

Secondly, in Feng Shui, it’s very prosperous and auspicious to have photographs of mountains and water in one frame. That is because the mountain brings stability while water brings money!

Thirdly, the beautiful photo of this ocean scenery presents an excellent, smooth depth that shows the journey continues, which means giving continuous growth!

And last but not least, the name itself, The Cape of Good Hope, is highly positive and optimistic. The contemporary geographic states that the currents of the two oceans meet at the point where the warm-water Agulhas current meets the cold-water Benguela current. In the Feng Shui term, this is the balance of yin and yang.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great effort, support, and professional tips in helping me to choose the perfect size and ready-to-hang print. The Metal print is so modern and light, an absolute wonder of today’s technology and capability to produce such an exceptional artwork. Now, our home has got a premium upgrade thanks to your remarkable talent for nature photography!

PS: In Feng Shui, it’s preferable to have print referencing real landscapes/things/people/animals than painting 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to having many more of your beautiful photographs that captured many beautiful and meaningful Feng Shui!

Best wishes, Wendy S.

Wendy S. | Switzerland

Dear Anette

I’m trying to put our trip into words.

My 3-week trip to Namibia was to capture the country’s magic on camera to enhance the standard of my photography. The journey through Namibia followed on from other recent trips to South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia with other organizers. Progressively, each trip achieved a higher level of fulfillment – the most recent trip, which was my first trip with Anette, was by far the most unforgettable.

I did not want to follow in everybody else’s footsteps. I always look for something out of the ordinary. And Anette rose to the challenge of providing something special with relish. She came up with an itinerary with some extraordinary destinations that allowed us to experience some rare wildlife and landscape encounters. Anette picked some great accommodation and was excellent at preparing and booking the trip. Right down to providing me with my insect repellent, offering rare South African nuts en route, and taking along the best-dried apricots I ever tasted.

We always had the top spot when it came to photographing. I wanted her full attention to my photography and booked solo. It worked perfectly, and the results are quite stunning. She worked tirelessly, showed significant consideration in everything, and made sure that everything was always ship-shape. She always put me first. At every level, her expert help was invaluable. She imparted much of her in-depth knowledge of photography, including Lightroom, Photoshop, and beyond as I was able to absorb.

I could not rate her exceptional talent and ability more highly. Whole-heartedly without reservation, I recommend her to anybody who wants to enjoy a constructive, fulfilling, and most enjoyable journey – with or without a camera.

Verdict: I cannot imagine an equally good or better trip than the 3-week journey with Anette with any other photographer. We are preparing a trip to Botswana in 2020 and back to Namibia in 2021. That proves that I have given up looking for what I consider to be the perfect guide, photographer, tutor/mentor — I have found her!

K.S.M | Switzerland | UK

Zebras fighting, both standing up. Client of workshop photograph for client testimonial
African elephant fine art photo print hanging on the wall

Dear Anette,

After searching for some time, I came across your website. I fell in love with several of your wildlife photographs of elephants, which I have a particular affinity for. Your work captures both your passion and the deep respect you have for wildlife and nature. I was a bit nervous about purchasing a fine art print and then having something that needed to remain in pristine condition and ended up being quite large (132 x 106 centimetres / 52.4 x 42 inches), shipped overseas. However, you made this process easy. Thank you for being unbelievably responsive to the plethora of anxious emails I sent your way. We are in love with your elephant photograph in black and white.

Warmest Wishes,

Julie and Pat Franke | United States

Dear Anette,

I received today, your limited edition print #8 on fine art canvas warp, of the black and white majestic lion, that I had ordered.

I immediately hung it up, and I must tell you that I am thrilled with it. It looks better, large like that on a canvas wrap than the photograph I could see on your website. That lion is such a majestic animal, and you have captured his power and majesty so well in that photograph.

You are indeed a very gifted wildlife and landscape photographer, and my husband and I are now looking at ordering more of your photo prints. I particularly like the black and white one of the two elephants with the zebras in the center background. You have our admiration and support, and we look forward to our future orders of limited edition prints adorning our walls.

Kind regards,

J.T. / Australia

African lion canvas limited photo print hanging on a wall
African elephant canvas art photo print hanging on wall above the sofa

Dear Anette,

After much deliberation, and finding it hard to choose a wildlife photo print amongst your many fabulous photographs. Therefore, I decided upon a canvas art print of ‘Giants Path.’ This photograph has always been one of my favorites. When it arrived, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. You have indeed captured the African elephants from a unique perspective, and their walk takes me with them down the path. The canvas photographic print now has pride of place in my home, and visitors always remark on how beautiful it is. You are a particular type of photographer, one that captures not only incredible photographs of wildlife and landscapes but also photos that evoke emotions. That is a gift, one that shows in all the photographs on your website. Thank you for this magnificent photograph!

Charleen R. | United Kingdom

Dear Anette,

Having family roots in Canada, our family always have had a special connection with bears. We collect movies, books, and paintings about polar bears and also other artifacts like, e.g., bears made out of soapstone. But when I saw the photograph that you had taken from a polar bear, I knew immediately we just had to add it to our already extensive collection. It became our most favorite piece and even gave it a name: “Lars.” We like it, uniquely because it expresses the magnitude of the animal. Being able to survive in harsh conditions, but also because of the beautiful color scheme, you managed to capture the sky, the water, and the ice. We were so fond of the picture that we wanted you to have it printed on a large canvas of 180 x 120cm / 70 x 47 inches, which now hangs on a prominent place in our house. So we can say hello to Lars every day and are reminded of how small we are, comparing us to beautiful creatures like him. And that we have to be careful not to destroy that beauty of mother nature in favor of our own selfish needs.

Best regards,

W.M. Switzerland

Polar bear on sea ice large photo print hanging on the wall in a home of a client

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