Client Testimonials

What Clients Have To Say About Their Photo Prints Purchase

This page features Client Testimonials of their purchase of Wildlife and Landscape Fine Art photo prints amongst other high quality wall deco print finishes.


Client Testimonials


Hi Anette,,,

just wanted tell you how excited and pleased I was to receive the wonderful wildlife photo print. Everything went so smooth.
Thank you.
Best of wishes for your future en devours/adventures.

M. A. / United Sates



Dear Anette,

After searching for some time, I came across your website and fell in love with several of your wildlife photographs of elephants, which I have a special affinity for. Your work clearly captures both your passion and the deep respect you have for wildlife and nature. I was a bit nervous about purchasing and then having something, that needed to remain in pristine condition and ended up being quite large (52.4″ x 42” ), shipped overseas. However, you made this process so easy. Thank you for being unbelievably responsive to the plethora of anxious emails I sent your way. We are in love with your elephant photograph.

Warmest Wishes,

Julie and Pat Franke / United Sates

African elephant art print on wall, photo showing art print as wall decor in a living room

Photo Courtesy by © Julie and Pat Franke / United States



After much deliberation, and finding it hard to choose a print amongst your many fabulous images, I decided upon a canvas art print of ‘Giants Path’.  This image has always been one of my favourites and when it arrived, I was simply overwhelmed at how beautiful it is.  You have indeed captured the elephants from a unique perspective, and their walk takes me with them down the path.  The canvas now has pride of place in my home, and visitors constantly remark on how beautiful it is.  You are a special type of photographer, one that not only captures incredible pictures of wildlife, but also images that evoke emotions.  This is a gift; one that shows in all the images on your website.  Thank you for this wonderful image!

Charleen R. United Kingdom


Client Testimonials, african elephants photography, wall deco canvas art print of 3 animals walking on path

Photo Courtesy by © Charleen R. United Kingdom



Dear Anette,

I received today, your limited edition print #8 on canvas warp, of the black and white majestic lion, that I had ordered.

I immediately hung it up, and I must tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with it. It in fact looks better, large like that on canvas wrap, than the photograph I could see on your website. He is such a majestic lion, and you have captured his power and majesty so well in that photograph.

You are truly a very gifted wildlife photographer, and my husband and I are now looking at ordering more of your photo prints. I particularly like the black and white one of the 2 elephants with the zebras in the centre background.
You have our admiration and support and we look forward to our future orders of limited edition prints adorning our walls.

Kind regards

J. van Tonder South Africa / France


Client Testimonials, African lion photography of black and white fine art canvas print wrap as wall deco

Photo Courtesy by © J. van Tonder South Africa



Dear Anette,

Having family roots in Canada our family always have had a special connections with bears. We collect movies, books and paintings about polar bears and also other artefacts like e.g. bears made out of soapstone. But when I saw the picture that you had taken from a polar bear I knew immediately we just had to add it to our already extensive collection. It actually became our most favourite piece and even gave it a name: “Lars”. We like it especially because it expresses the magnitude of the animal being able to survive in harsh conditions, but also because of the beautiful colour scheme you managed to capture with the sky, the water and ice. We were so fond of the picture that we wanted you to have it printed on a large canvas of 180 x 120cm, which now hangs on a prominent place in our house. So we can say hello to Lars every day and are reminded of how small we are compared to beautiful creatures like him. And that we have to be careful not to destroy that beauty of mother nature in favour of our own selfish needs.

W.M Switzerland


Client Testimonials, polar bear canvas art prints as wall deco in entrance hall with polar bear on pack-ice

Photo Courtesy by © W.M Switzerland



Dear Anette,

I recently purchased a landscape print of your photograph of the Epupa Falls.


This is such a calming photo to look at. I feel you have even captured the roar of the water falling over the edge. I can almost hear it!

I could not want a more fabulous photograph in my home.

I’d also like to mention, as feedback for you, what an excellent ordering and delivery service, via courier, you have in place.

I look forward to viewing more of your collections.

Sue J. Australia



Dear Ms. Mossbacher,

We want to thank you for mailing us the photo print of the Bengal Tiger that you have captured so beautifully in India. We were very pleased with the ease of purchasing and tracking it to our doorstep.

We have admired your work for many years, and are thrilled to own one of photo prints, your works of art! You are a master of your field and always look forward to your newest postings on your website. We would love to go to all of the places that you have been, but live vicariously through your art!
Thank you so much!


J. & S. Clements United States


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